Zogonia is a comic written by Tony Moseley that has been published in Dragon Magazine. Its sister comic, Mount Zogon was published in Dungeon Magazine. A single compilation, called "Zogonia: Slice of Death" was published in 2007.

The comics homepage has displayed an empty page since may 2007, with no news forthcoming on a possible continuation of the comic.

The comic follows the exploits of a trio of adventures, collectively called Domato's Delvers. The members are:

  • Domato - human fighter and the leader of the Delvers. Carries a magical item called an Orb of Life. Of the Delvers, he has the greatest common sense- though he is not especially bright otherwise. He adventures less out of any actual desire to do so and more because he needs the treasure to pay for the expenses of A: bringing Dindil back to life and B: paying Kev's bartab and bail.
  • Dindil - dwarven fighter, tends to die a lot. This is very annoying for Domato, who has to use his Orb of Life to resurrect him and the clerics charge several thousand gold pieces per charge placed in the Orb. Very fond of pie- once specifically requested a baker make him a boysenberry pie and, when it was cooked, sat down and ate the lot - even after discovering that the baker misheard him and baked him a poisonberry pie.
  • Kev - human rogue. His actions throughout the comics imply that he is of Evil alignment- most likely the traditional "Neutral Evil" of a scummy rogue. He is lazy, self-absorbed and greedy, but is quite skilled with the various skills of a thief (picking locks and disarming traps primarily). He is also equally skilled at brutally murdering anything and anyone that sufficiently irks him, though he is so lazy he tends to sit on the sidelines when Domato and Dindil are fighting in dungeons. Much like Galeena, the protagonist of Mount Zogon, he hates gnomes - once kicking a gnome in the chin so hard he sent its head flying off its shoulders. His violent tendencies may be exaggerated by his fondness for smoking "hobgob pipeweed".

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