A worghest is a type of fantasy creature from the Forgotten Realms campaign setting in the Dungeons & Dragons game. It is a planetouched creature that is the combination of a barghest ancestor and goblin blood. As a planetouched, it is an outsider of the native subtype with a collection of power based on its fiendish bloodline as well as abilities based on its goblin nature.

A barghest's personality traits tend to be stronger than those of goblinoids, which cause their descendants to duplicate those traits. This cause the common worghest to be lawful evil in nature. Their favorite class is the ranger.

Physical Description[]

Like most planetouched, they vary in appearance. But in general they look like hairy goblinoids with sharp teeth, wolf-like snouts, blue hair and eyes that glow orange when excited. They clothing is usually hides, most being loincloths when they wear clothing.


The most numerous community of worghest is in the Mines of Tethyamer, which are north and west of the Desertmouth mountains. They come from barghests that over ran that dwarven holdings. But they can be found in any goblin tribes that have been commanded by barghest at some point in their histories.

In combat, they move in packs and ambush their prey. They live for the fear and respect of their lesser brothern, gained by their fiercious power. They tend to avoid being the leader of a clan, but instead lurk as the power behind the throne.

In the worghest colony in the Mines of Tethyamer, there is a coven of worghest warlocks who are believed to gain power through a pact with a mammoth greater barghest Tarkomang. Warlock worghest are usually uncommon as barghest blood does not lead to this class, but a recent development has change that for those in the mines. This is due to the presences of Tarkomang, one of the largest barghest in Faerun as the gobins and worghests had to hollow out a small mountain to house him. Tarkomang has created worghest offspring and created pacts with those planetouched. He prefers to make pacts with worghest but has accepted martially bent goblins with his pacts. It is believed that Tarkomang could become a threat to the nomads of the Desertmouth Mountains due to the large sizes of his body, his hunger and his servants.


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