In the Dungeons and Dragons fantasy role-playing game, the wood woad is a plant. They resemble big, burly, bestial men made entirely of wood and bark bearing no foliage. They always carry part of a tree trunk for a shield and a large branch for a club. They are similar to treants.

Characteristics and habits[]

Wood woads are brutish and dim-witted, but are not actually evil, being merely protective of small patches of forests and having little interest in affairs outside of their own. If harm comes to their forest, however, they become deadly and curious opponents. The creatures have the ability to bend and warp wood with their minds to make walls and doors and barriers, and typically use this ability to create obstacles for their foes while the Wood woad closes in to bash them with its branch club. Wood woads are also capable of entering trees, much like a dryad (some view them as the masculine, aggressive, more bestial equivalent of Dryads), and can also teleport between tree to tree in their territory.

Wood woads speak a rudimentary form of Sylvan.

They are regarded as neutral in alignment.