The Women's Wrestling Convention (WWC) is an annual female wrestling convention and forum held in San Diego, California. Founded by David C. Jackson AKA "Jackpin", the WWC is under the umbrella of the Women’s Combative Sports Association (WCSA) which showcases women's combative sports of all types at its annual convention.

History of WWC Events[]

  • 1998 - First Convention. Showcased submission, Pro, and Cat types of matches[1]
  • 1999 - Second Convention. Showcased the same as the first year, but boxing and MMA was added[2]
  • 2000 - Third Convention. Showcased the same as the first and second year with mixed wrestling added.
  • 2008 - April 11 - 13 in San Diego. The first WWC event in 8 years was held with Submission, Pro, Mixed, Cat, type matches[3]
  • Jackpin as of 2017 is looking for a renewed WWC, one that will bring back the past champions, Present and Future. He needs to hear from Fans, Companies, and Combatants to build it again.
  • Contact him at and let him know what your thoughts are.


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