Wizard Sticks Party
Players Any amount
Setup time 2 minutes
Playing time 1 night
Age range Legal drinking age or above
Skill(s) required alcohol tolerance, socializing, craftsmanship

Wizard Sticks is a binge drinking game also referred to as a Wizard Stick Party or Wisest Wizard.

A Wizard Stick Party (WSP) is a party in which the whole event is a game with a full set of rules that governs the behavior of the participants. The main goal of the WSP is to get people to interact while drinking as much beer as possible. All the people at the party are referred to as Wizards and everyone attending is subject to the rules. As a Wizard finishes a beer he or she then tapes the empty can to the empties they finished before, thus creating a Wizard Stick. As the Wizard Stick gets longer the Wizard is granted more powers and is even allowed to create their own rules at a certain level. There isn't really a winner or loser in this game as is the case in many drinking games but the goal is to be the powerful wizard you can be. There are also other ways than drinking to obtain a longer Wizard stick, such as Duels and Challenges. Although these methods are frowned upon by some WSP purists.

Supplies Needed[]

  • Several 12 packs and 18 packs of canned beer
  • Several Rolls of tape

The Wizard Stick[]

The Wizard Stick itself is made by taping empty beer cans together as you drink them. Most people take pride in the construction of their Wizard Stick. There are many different variations in the construction of a wizard stick. The only rule is that the beers must be empty before they count towards your Wizard Level.

Wizard Stick Variations[]


The Standard Wizard Stick is comprised of a variation of brands of empty beer cans taped end to end, and generally different types of tape. This is the easiest method and the most common at any WSP. It allows the Wizard to quickly create a Wizard Stick with whatever beer or tape is nearby.

Drinking Stick[]

The Drinking Stick is the same as a Standard Wizard Stick except that the Wizard tapes the beer they are currently drinking to the top of the Wizard Stick. This variation allows for single handed drinking and holding on to the Wizard Stick. But it doesn't allow the Wizard to put down his or her drink, and it gets difficult to drink from at higher levels. It is important that the Drinking Stick Wizard doesn't try to count the beer he or she is working on.

Purist Stick[]

The Purist Stick is same as the Standard Wizard Stick except that it is comprised of only one brand of beer and one type of tape. This stick shows that the Wizard is dedicated to his or her craft and cares about the appearance of the Wizard Stick. This stick takes more thought and time to create than a standard stick.

Accessory Sticks[]

The Accessory Stick is a Standard Stick with some sort of object placed on it to adorn the stick.

Other Shaped Sticks[]

Some Wizard Sticks are made into different shapes, such as Tridents or Crosses. These sticks are harder to construct but tend to draw the most attention. There are no rules on how the Wizard Stick can be shaped.

Wizard Hat[]

At Level 12 the Wizard becomes a Master Wizard and may now wear a Wizard Hat. The Wizard Hat can be any shape but it must be made out of beer boxes.


Everyone at the party is involved in the game. In the standard rules, everyone becomes a Wizard at level 3. When the player becomes a Wizard, he chooses a Power Word or "Magic Word" which they can use to make lesser Wizards drink or do other things. Players do not have to dress up like stereotypical Wizards, but they may if they wish. It is also acceptable for Wizards to choose their own Wizard Name that others must refer to them by.


0 - 1 -- Beer Servant
2 - 5 -- Wizard
6 - 11 -- Senior Wizard
12 - 17 -- Wizard Master
18 + -- Killage Wizard

There are different levels of Players and Wizards at a WSP. The Levels are there mainly to facilitate the making of rules. The Level Number corresponds to the number of empty beer cans in the Wizard Stick. The differences in the levels are discussed more in the Official Rules."


Wizards have certain powers at different Levels that will be discussed more in the regular rules. In general, the higher level Wizard has power over lower level Wizards. Whenever a Wizard is using his power he should say his Power Word. One special power that comes into play at Level 7 is the power to create a rule.

Rule Creation[]

The power to create a rule is what lets this game go anywhere. There really is no limit to the rule that can be made. Wizards can create rules that cancel previously made rules. It is generally the job of the Wizard that created the rule to enforce it. Breaking of a rule is penalized by forcing the perpetrator to drink more beer.
For example, a common rule would be, "No drinking with your dominant hand." If the Wizard that created the rule sees someone drinking with the wrong hand, he would tell that Wizard to drink and then say his Power Word.

Power Words[]

At Level 3, each Wizard chooses a Power Word which he or she must use for the rest of the party to use any of his or her powers. The power word can be any word, phrase, or sound that the Wizard chooses. They generally range from standard magic sounding words like "Shazam" to sexually explicit words like "Boner Toast."

Duels and Challenges[]

There are other ways to add beer cans to the Wizard Stick: Duels and Challenges. Any Wizard of the appropriate level (Senior for Duels, Master for Challenges) may challenge any other Wizard that is of equal or greater Level than the challenger. The person being challenged may decline with no penalty.

The Duel[]

A Duel is when two Senior Wizards face off with their Wizard sticks by swinging them at each other until part of the other Wizard's Wizard Stick falls off. The Wizard who won the Duel may then attached the beer cans that fell off the losing Wizard's Wizard Stick to his or her own. This method is frowned upon by Purists of the game who believe that people should have to drink all the beers on their way to becoming a Master Wizard.

The Challenge[]

Once a Wizard becomes a Master Wizard he or she may Challenge any other Master Wizard to any feat he or she wishes. Generally a wager of a certain number of cans is placed on the Challenge. All though it's up to the Wizards involved to decide on the terms of the Challenge. It is useful to have other Wizards observe the challenge to help decide who won the Challenge if there is any debate. It can also prove to be quite entertaining.

The Shotgun Challenge[]

This is a special challenge that may be called by any level Wizard. If the challenge is accepted, both participants shotgun a full beer at the same time. The Wizard who finishes last must smash his or her beer can and throw it away. It cannot be used on anyone else's Wizard Stick. This is the only time during the party in which a beer can goes into the garbage.

Playing Field[]

This Game can be played anywhere that is big enough for a decent sized group of people. An outdoors space is recommended. The official rules call for a space with a pool but any space can work as long as a new rule is substituted for Level 8 Wizards.

Official Rules[]


0-1 - Beer Servant
2-5 - Wizard
6-11 - Senior Wizard
12-17 - Wizard Master
18 - Killage Wizard

-First level must be achieved by bong, shotgun, or flabongo.

- Beer Servants may not speak to Wizards without first being addressed by an elder wizard.

- Upon reaching the status of level 3 Wizard, one must declare his or her own unique "Power word." When a higher level wizard says his or her power word, any lesser wizards have to drink. Every wizard is limited to using his or her power word 3 times on any single person. If that Wizard tries it beyond that, he or she must drink!

- Wizards may challenge other wizards to a "Shotgun off." The one to finish his or her beer last doesn't get to add the empty can to his or her stack.

- Senior (level 6 and up) Wizards may require lesser wizards to get them a beer at any time.

- Level 7 Wizards may create a rule and assign drinks for said rule being broken in their presence.

- Senior Wizards may challenge others to a duel: Wizard Duel - Two wizards battle with their wizard sticks until one breaks. The winner takes the top portion of the loser's broken stick. The loser is lowered to the level of the lower portion of his or her broken stick (level 6+ required to participate in a wizard Duel).

- Level 8 requires bike ride around the pool (those without wizard pools, may improvise)

- Upon reaching level 12, Senior wizards are awarded an official Master Wizard hat constructed from an empty beer box.

- An unattended staff can be stolen by another Wizard.

- Vomiting automatically removes 1/2 of the Wizard's levels.

- Challenges: Master Wizards may wager any amount of cans they wish to another wizard based on any feat they deem appropriate.

- When a Wizard's staff height exceeds the Wizard's height, something awesome happens.

LEVEL (on staff. not in hand)

1- Shotgunned or Bonged
2- Wizard
3- Power Word Creation
6- Senior Wizard (send people for beers)
7- Rule Creation
8- Bike trip
12- Wizard Hat


The first documented Wizard Stick Party with official rules was in Van Nuys in late 2007.

The Wizard Stick itself had been around for some time before that, although the original date is unknown. Prior to first official WSP the Wizard Stick was just an entertaining way to drink and tell how many beers people had had through out the night.

The first WSP was put on because the creators needed to find a way to collect as many empty beer cans as possible for a scene in an independent movie. So they came up with the rules to promote as much drinking as possible with as little waste of empty cans.