Winston (EastEnders)
File:Winston EE.jpg
EastEnders character
Duration 1985—
Occupation Market trader (CDs)

Winston is a fictional background character in the popular BBC soap opera EastEnders. He has been portrayed by Ulric Browne since 1985, with his first known on-screen appearance being in December of that year. However, he was not credited for his role until later on in the series.

Winston owns the music stall in Walford's Bridge Street Market and over the years proved to be a great friend to his fellow long-standing stall-holder, the late Mark Fowler. His highlights over the years include shaving his tuft of hair off for charity when Nick Cotton was in a wheelchair, and helping Ethel Skinner arrive at her birthday party on the night she died. He was also angry when Ian Beale's car crashed into his stall in October 2006.

Winston is always only too willing to lend a hand when other market traders are called away, for example, to appear in a key development of the current plot, i.e. Stacey Slater needs someone to guard the clothing stall while she and Max Branning slip into an unguarded bedroom to continue the next episode in their illicit affair.