William Eisen
William Eisen in Wing Commander IV
William Eisen in Wing Commander IV
Rank: Captain -> Admiral
Species: Human
Gender: Male
Date of birth: Unknown
Date of death: Unknown
Home planet: Earth
Affiliation: Terran Confederation
First Appeared: Wing Commander III: Heart of the Tiger

Captain William Eisen is a fictional character in the Wing Commander computer game and novel series. In the computer games, Eisen is played by Jason Bernard, perhaps best known for portraying Paul Bracken on Herman's Head.


William Eisen is first introduced in Wing Commander III: Heart of the Tiger, as captain of the TCS Victory, the carrier that serves as Colonel Christopher Blair's home base. Throughout the game and the novel based on the game, he proves himself to be a good man and fine officer who is as much a father figure to the Victory's crew as a military commander. In Wing Commander IV: The Price of Freedom, he is again the commander of Col. Blair's home ship, this time the fleet carrier TCS Lexington. As the game and its spinoff novel progress, Eisen, suspecting a conspiracy within the Confederation government, defects to the Border Worlds, followed soon after by Blair and several other pilots, where he commands the Border Worlds carrier BWS Intrepid during the brief shooting war with the Confederation. At the story's conclusion, exonerated along with Blair and his friends, Eisen receives a promotion to admiral. Eisen presumably dies during the period between Wing Commander IV and Wing Commander: Prophecy, as actor Jason Bernard died in late 1996 due to a heart attack. The Vesuvius-class carrier TCS Eisen appearing in Wing Commander: Prophecy is presumably named for him.