This a description of the fictional weapons one can gain in the video game Seven Samurai 20XX.



A generic knife-type weapon used by mass-produced Humanoids.


Jodie's custom-made sword. It features reduced melding in its construction, and is light enough to be wielded by someone with a low measure of lifting strength.

Roaring Sword[]

Kanbei's Katana. It has no hilt, and its unique design allows it to be drawn from the scabbard very quickly. Its design seems to be suited for Iaido.


An immense staff constructed of junk parts. Its various parts allows for varying styles and attacks, but its construction means its durability is lacking.

Naginata Saw[]

Chinese long sword used by Kyric's henchmen. It is very easy to produce, and its production costs are low, despite its surprising durability.


Used in a fictional sport named Jaguar baller, this weapon is a hooked lance resembling a Hockey stick. Its durability is high, and is therefore excellent for long, grueling, situations.

Bizen Kagenori[]

Mystical light-sword resembling a lightsaber. It was used by the legendary swordsman Ushiwaka; and the sword can only be wielded by one with immense spiritual power and strength.

Zi Xiao Gong[]

Gargantuan staff weapon used by the murderous warrior Oniwaka, who was said to have killed 999 warriors. As a weapon suited for someone of great size and strength, it is unwieldy for normal humans.

Sword of Lamentation[]

Immense Broadsword used by the ninja-like humanoid White Fox. Its blade was clearly designed with destruction in mind, as it is suited for mincing and slicing flesh and bone alike. Also, its hilt contains advanced technology that allows the wielder to use a cloaking device.


Heavy Axe used by the Hunter 'Charnel. It is not designed to be used by normal people, and requires the user to have a considerable amount of wrist strength to use it effectively.


Used by the hunter Epsilon. A rapier-type weapon that features no special abilities.

Spirit Blade of Cernunnos[]

Immense Zanbatou - type weapon constructed with hooks on the blade. It is very heavy, and also has talismans placed on the it to allow it to be used for psychic attacks.


Used by the swordswoman Cue. A short, curved sword that channels feelings of death and destruction from its wielder, increasing its slicing ability.

M2052 Bayonet[]

hybrid weapon composed of a bayonet cannon and spear. Its unique construction allows the user to shoot with it, as well as use the spear and bayonet's combined abilities to make an explosion on contact.

Claimh Solais[]

Knight-esque longsword. Its cutting ability is influenced by the shape of its blade, which is suited for stabs and parrying. The sword channels special incantations that allow it to slice at terrifying speeds.


Massive, wing-shaped blade used by Fen. Its power is so great, it was nicknamed the "Dragon slayer". However, its power derives from its immense size, and can only be used by someone with super-human strength.

Sword of Agathion[]

Evil longsword used by Ein, leader of the humanoids. It was constructed using powerful negative energy and magic. Its makeup allows the user to channel energy through it and extend the blade for ranged attacks.


Sword used by Sol Badguy in the Guilty Gear series. It is a powerful rectangular-shaped longsword weapon imbued with the elemental affinity of fire.


Sword used by Ky Kiske in the Guilty Gear series. It is a very, powerful longsword weapon imbued with the elemental affinity of electricity.


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