The Warworld is a spaceship in the Transformers: Generation 2 comics series.

The Warworld is a large, heavily armed Decepticon battle cruiser. It is sphere-shaped with a large bridge window covering most of its front side. The Warworld was originally commanded by the Decepticon leader Bludgeon as his flagship and host to his new army of merciless Decepticon warrior clones.

When Generation 2 Megatron fought against Bludgeon and killed him, he took command of the Warworld and its crew for himself. The Warworld was involved in many battles against Autobots, Jhiaxus's flagship Twilight and other alien spaceships.

The traitorous Decepticon lieutenant Starscream once stole the Autobot Matrix of Leadership and used its power to combine himself with the Warworld, with the intent of becoming a sentient, invincible killing machine, but the Matrix's essence started to turn him over to good. Starscream was so frightened of becoming good that he did not put up any resistance when Megatron and Optimus Prime took the Matrix away from him.