Cover of the first issue
Author Wan Yuet Lung
Illustrator Tang Chi Fai
Publisher Ocean Creative Company Limited (Hong Kong 1999)

Volumes 300 issues

Warlord (Chinese: 武神, Cantonese: Mou San, Mo Son, pinyin: Wǔ Shēn, lit. God of War) is a manhua comic written by Wan Yuet Lung, drawn by Hong Kong-based artist Tang Chi Fai (Dèng Zhì Huī, 鄧 志徽), and published by Ocean Creative Company Limited. It is about the world several thousands of years in the future (AD 7000s). The story follows Wu Nan, the young warrior of the Feng/Fung tribe, in his quest to find the Diyu Tao ("Way of Hell"), an ancient book that can reveal the location of Tianjun Shenwu ("Heavenly Warrior God Martial"), the powerful weapon of Bai Shu'nan, the first emperor who unified the Earth in the AD 5000s.


In the year AD 7067, the earth experienced numerous battles, and because of these wars the world population was reduced to 500,000 people. Many cultural relics disappeared, the raw materials for making weapons has run out 1000 years after Baak Saunaam died and people only respect the strength of the Wargods to protect them. The Wargods are not only on Earth but on the Moon, Mars, and Saturn as well.

During this time, the extremely talented are called Wargods. Wargods who lose to any other Wargod will be taken races, so those who aren't under the protection of Wargods, or can't request the favour of Wargods, put the hope in the book of legend written 5000 years ago. No one understands the words written in the book, they only know the spell of the book is Dei-Yuk Dou (地獄道 lit. Hell Way?). In spite of the lack of understanding, the writing's rumor is transmitted generation to generation .

Because of knowing Mou Naam of the Fung tribe, the Wargod Ming Dou knows how to read the book, so the Wargod Saam-ngaan of the Three-Eyes tribe has been trying to kill Mou Naam. This is the start of the battle between the Good and Evil Wargods.

This is a truth that even a deity can not change—no one can change—because the nature of life is this: that Good and Evil always coexist, and when a conflict is resolved, other conflicts appear.


The Earth

Daai-dei (大地 Dadi, Great Land?)

Baak Royal Family

Baak-ga Wongjuk (白家 皇族 Bai-jia Huang-zu, Baak Royal Family?)

  • Title of wargods is Hoifu - Sea Tiger (海虎 Haihu?).[1] The warlord owns the Eastern and Western Sea.
Baak Sau (白 愁 Bai Chou?)
The 270th Emperor of the Earth. He was later killed by his son Mou Naam.
Syutfei (雪妃 Xuefei?)
The official wife of Sau.
Baak Mou-Naam (白 武男 Bai Wu-Nan?)
Formerly Mou Naam, the guardian of Fung tribe. The first son of Baak Sau. Initially born and respected for his good virtues, in the later episodes of the storyline, Mou-Naam turned into a supervillain, following a sudden switch of personality after discovering his full combat potential. The strength of his split personality was so strong, that he even managed to be resurrected even after his death (following a duel with Da-Hai Zong-heng).
Baak Batji (白 不二 Bai Bu'er?)
The second son of Baak Sau. He is the son born by Syutfei. He was later betrayed and killed by his half brother Mou Naam.
Leui Ou (雷 奧 Lei Ao?)
The most powerful guardian of Baak Sau, and his younger cousin. His wargod title is Mouseung (無相 Wujiang?).
Baak Titkyun (白 鐵拳 Bai Tiequan?)
The second elder brother of Baak Sau. His title is his name Titkyun.
Leui King (雷 鯨 Lei Jing?)
The elder brother of Leui Ou, also a loyalist general of Baak family. His wargod title is Saatking - Killer whale (殺鯨 Shajing?). He is the warlord of Northern Sea.
Baak Loubou (白 路 Bai Lubao?)
The fourth elder brother of Sau. He betrayed the family and served under Pingyun Planet and later Blue Country.
Tungwong (銅王 Tongwang?)
A loyal wargod of Baak family. He is killed by Blue Country's assassins.
  • Baak Jing (白 正 Bai Zheng?): the 269th Emperor. He is the eldest brother of Baak Sau. He was killed by Sau to take his throne.
  • Mou-Naam's mother: She is the mother of both Mou-naam and Tin-kou. She is the official wife of Baak Jing, Sau raped her and she bore Mou-naam.
  • Baak Sau-naam (白 首男 Bai Shounan?):The lord of Baak family 5000 years ago, the first emperor.
  • Baak Tingwan (白 千軍 Bai Qianjun?): He is the son of Baak Sau-naam, and his body is made to the ultimate weapon of Baak family. Unforeseenly, he is still alive.
Fung tribe

Fung Juk (風 族 Feng zu, Tribe of Wind?)

  • A small tribe led by Ming Dou, master of Mou-naam and Tin-gou.
Ming Dou (明道 Ming Dao?)
The master of Mou-naam and Tin-gou. Before his death, he gives all the rule for the tribe to his dear disciple, Mou-naam.
Ze Bai
Also called Houwang (Monkey King). The giant baboon protecting the Fung tribe.
Baak Moubin's Group
Baak Moubin (白 無邊 Bai Wubian?)
The father of Baak Sau, grandfather of Mou-naam. His former title is Hoifu.
Baak Ng-sai (白 五世 Bai Wushi?)
The third son of Baak Moubin. His title is his name Ng Sai.
Baak Tingou (白 天高 Bai Tiangao?)
Formerly Titmaa (鐵馬 Tiema?), the guardian of Fung tribe. He is actually the son of Baak Jing. His title is his former name Titmaa.
  • Later, Daai Dou, Laujing and Tinjeun join this group as Moubin's adopted-sons.

United Nations

Baak Chinbin (白 天變 Bai Tianbian?)
The fourth younger uncle of Baak Moubin. After the fight against his elder brother Baak Tinlo (白 天羅 Bai Tianluo?) (Moubin's father), he retired the title wargod of Baak family and joined the United Nations. Now he is the wargod Yikgon (易筋武神 Yijin Wushen?) of United Nations.

Jung-gik Faction

Jung-gik Paai (終極 派 Zhong-ji Bai?)

  • Title of wargods is Jung-gik.
Sinjung (禪宗 Chanzong?)
The former wargod of Jung-gik Faction, master of Lausing, Tinjeun, Saam-ngaan and Hak-paau.
Lausing (流星 Liuxing?)
The current wargod of Jung-gik Faction, the eldest disciple of Sinjung. His name means "meteor."
Tinjeun (天尊 Tianzun?)
The second disciple of Sinjung. His title is his name Tinjeun.

Mouleung Faction

Mou-leung Paai (無量 派 Wu-liang Bai?)

  • Title of wargods is Mou-leung.
Daaihoi Mou-leung (大海 無量 Da-Hai Wu-liang?)
The wargod of Mou-leung Isle, he is the warlord of Southern Sea. Later he adopts Mou-naam and makes him his succeeder. He was later killed by his son, Daaidou following a long standing grudge.
Daaihoi Jung-waang (縱橫 Da-Hai Zong-heng?)
The official son of Daaihoi. He hatreds his blood father because he killed his mother. His title is Daaidou (大刀 Da-Dao?). He was defeated and killed by Mou Naam.
  • Later, the title wargod of Mouleung is given to Mou-naam by Daaihoi.

Three-Eyes Tribe

Saam-ngaan Juk (三眼 族 Sanyan Zu, Three-Eyes Tribe?)

Saam-ngaan (三眼 San Yan?)
The third disciple of Sinjung.
Hak-paau (克 豹 Ke Bao?)
The younger fellow disciple of wargod Saam-ngaan, now is the wargod of Three-Eyes tribe replacing Saam-ngaan. After Saam-ngaan's death, he succeeds his position. His title is his name Hakpaau.
Laino (麗娜 Lina?)
The second lover of Mou-naam. She is also Hak-paau's crush.

Yut Planet

Yut-Kau (月毬 Yue-Jiu, Moon Planet?)

Ngan-Ho (銀河 Yin-He?)
The wargod of Yut Planet. His name means "galaxy."
Kwong-Fung (狂風 Kuang-Feng?)
The eldest disciple of the master of Ngan Ho. His name means "hurricane." Later he is revealed as Saat A's second brother.

Pingyun Planet

Pingyun-Sing (平原星 Pingyuan-Xing, Planet of Plain?)

Four Wargods are the four emperors of Pingyuan Planet. Their titles following the retation are Dung-Fong (東方, Dong-Fang, The Eastern), Sai-Mun (西門, Xi-Men, West Gate), Naam-Tin (南天, Nan-Tian, South Heaven), Bak-Gik (北極, Bei-Ji, Northern Pole).
Naam-Tin Yau-Man (南天 優問 Nantian Youwen?) & Dung-fong Lit-Che (東方 洌車 Dongfang Lieche?)
They are the leaders of the invading plan to Earth. Later, Lit-che is killed by a powerful man named Saatga. Yau-man embodies the Mosan (魔神 Moshen?) monster to become a huge monster, but Mou-naam uses his father's ultimate weapon Waimit Jinsan (燬滅 戰神 Huimie Zhanshen?) to destroy him.
Bak-gik Fu-Dai (北極 虎帝 Beiji Hudi?)
She is Lo Lip (羅 獵 Luo La?), the former wife of Hak-paau.
Sai-mun Dak-Ji (西門 得志 Ximen Dezhi?)
His elder brother is killed by Hak-paau while he traveled to Pingyuan Planet.

Fo Planet

Fosing (火星 Huoxing, Planet of Fire (the Mars)?)

Ban Leui (賁雷 Ben Lei?)
The first mutant entity injected the DNA of Earth-men by Saat A.

Blue Country

Laam Gwok (藍國 Lan Guo, Blue Country?)

  • In this planet, the greatest title is not Mousan but Tinwong (天王 Tianwang, Heavenly Kings?).
Saat A (殺亞 Sha Ya?)
The lord of Blue Country, leader of the Heavenly Kings.
Saat Ga (殺家 Sha Jia?)
Younger brother of Saat-a. A heavenly king.
Saat Amtin (殺闇天 Sha Antian?)
The lost son of Saat A.
Ngan Ling (銀靈 Yin Ling?)
The rumoured woman who is the most beautiful all over the universe ever.
Geui Sa (巨鯊 Ju Sa?)
The master of Baak Sa and Haak Sa, two of the seven kings. Saat A considers he is the one who has greater power than Saat A himself.
Seven Heavenly Kings (七天王)


  1. This title is also the name of Warlord's prequels, Sea Tiger I-II-III



  • Tiger Shark I (海虎I) [1] (about Sea Tiger, the forefather of Baak family)
  • Tiger Shark II (海虎Ⅱ) [2] (about 2 sons of Sea Tiger, Baak Sau-naam and Baak Thu-naam. Baak Thu-naam killed his father and became the Strongest man in the World)
  • Tiger Shark III (海虎Ⅲ) [3] (about 2 sons of Sea Tiger, Baak Sau-naam killed his brother and became the First Emperor)


  • Warlord (武神) [4]



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