Name Vultak
AffiliationsEvil Horde
Notable powers or skillsVulture-like Zoo-keeper
Voiced byGeorge DiCenzo
Created by Mattel

Vultak is a fictional character in the animated television series She-Ra: Princess of Power.

Character information[]

When different animals on Etheria begin to mysteriously disappear Bow and Adora go to investiagte and discover that Hordak has opened a zoo and given Valtak the task of running it.[1] Hordak goes out and starts collecting animals from all over Etheria. Vultak appears to be a humanoid vulture. He is shown to be very cruel to people smaller or weaker than him but also cowardly when confronted by She-Ra, much like the rest of the Evil Horde.

Powers and abilities[]

Vultak's powers are linked to him being a humanoid vulture. Possessing giant wings on his back he is able to fly. A power which he uses to great effect when capturing animals for the zoo. He also displays the ability to transform into a huge black vampire-like shadow.[2]