Ensign Vorik
Ensign Vorik
Species: Vulcan
Gender: male
Home planet: Vulcan
Affiliation: Starfleet
Posting: USS Voyager
Position: Engineer
Rank: Ensign
Portrayed by: Alexander Enberg

Ensign Vorik is a fictional character in the Star Trek universe. Played by Alexander Enberg, his character is a Vulcan male who serves aboard the USS Voyager as a highly qualified engineer.

In the episode Blood Fever, Ensign Vorik underwent his first pon farr on stardate 50537 while Voyager was stranded in the Delta Quadrant. Approximately 75,000 light years from his arranged mate, Vorik declared kun-ut so'lik with his superior officer, Lt. Torres. When she refused, Vorik became desperate and accidentally (and unknowingly) initiated a telepathic mating bond with her, which triggered her own Klingon mating instincts. Vorik was forced to search for alternative ways to resolve his pon farr, but he found no relief from meditation or a holographic mate. Eventually, having exhausted all of his options, Vorik challenged Tom Paris, whom B'Elanna had been attempting to mate with, in combat in the ritual kun-ut kal-if-fee, for the right to mate with B'Elanna. An enraged B'Elanna took the challenge herself, defeating Vorik and curing both of them of the pon farr. After they recovered, both Vorik and B'Elanna returned to normal duty.

In the episode Counterpoint, while Voyager crossed Devore space, Vorik was one of several telepathic crew members who were suspended in the transporter pattern buffer in order to avoid detection by the Devore inspections, led by Kashyk.

Star Trek: Voyager producer and writer Jeri Taylor has suggested that Vorik is the twin brother of "Taurik", another Vulcan Starfleet engineer (also played by Alexander Enberg) in Star Trek: The Next Generation episode Lower Decks. (Jeri Taylor is Alexander Enberg's mother.)


  • Fair Trade - Vorik helps B'Elanna Torres with maintaining the plasma injectors
  • Alter Ego - On the holodeck in Neelix's luau programme, Vorik reserves a table for himself and B'Elanna, but he is snubbed by her
  • Blood Fever - Vorik initiates a mating ritual with B'Elanna
  • Day of Honor - Vorik helps the crew try to open a transwarp conduit
  • Extreme Risk - Vorik helps design and build the Delta Flyer
  • Counterpoint - Whilst travelling through Devore space, Vorik and the other telepaths are suspended in the transporter buffers to avoid detection
  • Renaissance Man - The Doctor disguises himself as B'Elanna, and later, Chakotay, and fools Vorik

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