Override and Velocitron

Velocitron (known as Speedia in Galaxy Force and Speed Planet in promotional materials) is a fictional planet featured in Transformers: Cybertron and is the location of one of four ancient Transformer colonies that lost contact with the home world of Cybertron long ago, along with Earth, Jungle Planet, and Gigantion. Each of these colonies possess a Cyber Planet Key, containing a fragment of the power of Primus. The name Velocitron is used infrequently. The planet is more commonly referred to as "the Speed Planet" or simply "Speed Planet." The planet's full, formal name appears to be "Velocitron, the Speed Planet."

A variable desert planet, it was terraformed into a global race track, with the pursuit of perfect speed and performance the primary motivating force in its society and culture. Disputes are settled in formal races, with the winner claiming victory over the dispute, as well. Automated repair machines maintain the race courses, which include tracks featuring various environments and obstacles as well as simpler straightforward courses.

Characteristics of Velocitron's inhabitants include transluscent wheels of unknown material, and double-barrelled long-range weaponry.

The planet's leader is Override, as she is the fastest of all Velocitronian Transformers, with no equal planetside. She holds semi-annual planetwide races to determine the next leader, with the planet's Cyber Planet Key (which exists in the form of a trophy called the Planet Cup) awarded to the winner.

The location of Velocitron was first re-discovered by Megatron using the map he had stolen from Vector Prime. Vector Prime himself later located the planet as well, by studying a copy of the Atlantis Pattern found at a museum in Mexico.

Hot Shot felt right at home on the planet, and participated in the planetwide race alongside a few of his Autobot comrades, despite reservations by Optimus Prime. Despite quarreling with his companion, Red Alert, Hot Shot managed to overcome the challenges of Speed Planet and won the great race. In addition to gaining Override's friendship, the Autobots also learned a valuable lesson about interacting with the inhabitants of the different planets.

The starship that carried the Cyber Planet Key to this world was named Ogygia.

In the final episode of Transformers: Cybertron the "Speedia 500" race is held to determine the leader of Velocitron, which Hot Shot wins. Dirt Boss comes in second, Ransack third, Dark Crumplezone fourth, Brakedown fifth and Clocker sixth. Override didn't even compete, as she joins the new Space Bridge project lead by Optimus Prime. The name of the race is a reference to the Japanese name of the planet, which is Speedia.

Speed Planet Transformers[]

  • Override (Nitro Convoy) - Speed Planet's leader and champion.
  • Brakedown (Autolander) - One of the oldest Transformers on Speed Planet, and Clocker's mentor.
  • Clocker (Skids) - An eager young racer and Brakedown's student.
  • Ransack (Gasket) - A shifty miscreant who was recruited by Megatron. His partner is Crumplezone.
  • Crumplezone (Landbullet) - The brawn to Ransack's brain. He was also recruited by Megatron.
  • Dirt Boss (Inch Up) - A rough, wild outlaw who works with Ransack and Crumplezone in order to defeat Override.
  • Blurr - Another experienced racing instructor. Only appears in the toy-line.
  • Swerve - A young racer who participates in underground "oil-sport races." Only appears in the toy-line.