Árpád Varga (born Nov 3, 1986), who also goes by the pseudonym "dash" [1], is an active professional player of the first person shooter series Quake. He is of Hungarian nationality, resides in Budapest and is signed to Hungarian electronic sports team SKZI Gaming [2]. He has been actively competing in international online Quake competitions since 2004.

Player Biography[]

Originally a Quake III player, Varga gained prominence with his first success in ASUS NetQ3, taking third place. At the age of 18 he successfully became the top teamplayer of Hungary. He subsequently entered the World Cyber Games qualifier, and finished second. Next year he won the Pazmand Quake competition, considered as an underdog. From the year 2004, he won several team based competition in his country, later joining the National team of Hungary, and became successful internationally, even matching up various times in Nation's cups finals. In 2009 he switched to the newest version of the Quake series, called QuakeLive. Varga became an ESL Major Series Player, and finished 4th, in the 5th season. In his first prestigious QuakeLive tournament in the ASUS European Nations Cup [3] Team Hungary managed to perform well, and getting regards from the scene. Varga has participating at professional tournaments until today.


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