Valas Hune is a fictional character, a pragmatic drow scout and member of Bregan D'aerthe. Valas was chosen for the dubious honor of assisting Quenthel Baenre in her quest to find the Spider Queen (Lolth). This tale is related in the War of the Spider Queen series.

During this adventure, Valas forms a bond with Ryld Argith, a master of Melee Magthere, since both share the traits of having no magical or clerical abilities (apart from their equipment) and excelling in melee fighting.


Valas is highly skilled at remaining concealed giving him a large advantage in combat. His natural stealth is augmented by the many magical trinkets he has collected over the years. Valas favors the use of his two Kukris enchanted to produce lightning which he uses to hamstring, stab and eviscerate his enemies. Valas also uses a short bow with which he is highly proficient.

Valas wears a shirt of chain mail which is enchanted to give him great agility and balance. Over this, he wears a vest to which are pinned a large number of magical trinkets pilfered from his victims over the years. The trinkets have various magical powers from creating illusionary images of himself to forming dimensional doors for a quick escape.


In the fourth novel of the War of the Spider Queen series, Valas plunges into a lake, given water breathing abilities by Pharaun Mizzrym. However, he is captured by Aboleths living in an underwater city, who use their abilities to transform him into a water breathing creature (including webbed hands and feet, and gills). This doesn't prevent him from getting to the surface to make his report (carrying a water supply into his magically enhanced back bag), where Pharaun, again, magically turns him into a (very slightly different) Drow.

However, as Pharaun warns him, his metamorphosis is not permanent and may be dispelled.

He makes a quick cameo appearance in R.A. Salvatore's Road of the Patriarch, apparently his transformation has been dispelled.

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