The Universal Soldiers (sometimes called UniSols for short) are fictional genetically-enhanced individuals from the Universal Soldier film series starring Jean-Claude Van Damme. The UniSols are dead soldiers that have been reanimated as superpowered men, and used for military purposes. Although they can think independently, the main objective of every UniSol is to obey its central programming.

Of all the Universal Soldiers, only Luc Deveraux (Jean-Claude Van Damme) has ever been changed back into a human.

The appearance of the UniSols varies throughout the series. In the first movie, they wear technological parts on their skin. By the last movie, their cybernetic parts are internal, and they look almost entirely human. These new UniSols are members of the "UniSol 2500" line, monitored and controlled by S.E.T.H. It is also implied that the new line volunteered to be in the program and, when not under control of S.E.T.H., retain their personalities to a much greater degree.

UniSols possess several abilities. They have enhanced strength and endurance, and superior fighting skills. This makes them difficult to destroy.


  • Rapid regeneration from injury (healing factor)
  • Enhanced strength, speed, agility, endurance and reflexes.
  • Later Universal Soldiers have the same abilities as the earlier series, but to an even greater extent.


  • Will shut down if allowed to overheat - fire will shut them down rapidly. Even later UniSols appear to have this problem, albeit to a lesser extent. They need periodical refrigeration in order to stabilize themselves.
  • Requires specialized neural serum to keep them under control (the UniSol 2500 Series use implanted circuits instead).

Notable UniSols[]

  • Luc Deveraux (GR44): Jean-Claude Van Damme/Matt Battaglia
  • Andrew Scott (GR13): Dolph Lundgren/Andrew Jackson
  • S.E.T.H. (Super UniSol): Michael Jai White
  • Romeo: Bill Goldberg
  • Maggie: Kiana Tom
  • NGU: Andrei Arlovski

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