This article is about the series of video games. For the first game in the series, see Ultimate Fusion: The Dark Empire(video game).

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Ultimate Fusion (究極の融合) is a futuristic action-adventure video game series created by Anthony Tyler Jr. The gameplay consists of action, adventure, & 3rd person shooter with an optional 1st person shooter mode. The series centers on Xack, the main playable character & protagonist. The series has a mildly inconsistent playable character roster & features a new final boss in each game, however Vittoro & his minions (the primary antagonists of Ultimate Fusion: The Dark Empire) are consistently reappearing opponents in the series.



In the Ultimate Fusion games the player must use trial & error to develop skill & even the instruction booklet gives little more than basic controls. This makes it so that the player must experiment with the characters’ abilities & learn how to utilize their skills on their own. The player is often rewarded for fully exploring the areas, in which there are many enemies to fight & end with the defeat the area boss. Most areas contain many hidden treasures, some of which will simplify your exploration of the next area & may provide substantial assistance in the battle with another area’s boss. However, the items will often prove to be of no use in the area in which it is obtained, & the boss weapons will give no obvious clue as to which boss it will effect. The main character; Xack is a cyborg who, as well as using the short & long term items, can also make use of special weapon upgrades that will be useful later in the game. Unlike the other items, the player will be able to use these upgrades in future games. So if the player finds an upgrade in Ultimate Fusion: The Dark Empire (which are extremely difficult to find) & then gets the sequel; Ultimate Fusion 2: Rise of the Elementals, the game will search the memory in the console/memory card & allow the player to use that upgrade upon the creation of a new save file.

Fictional Universe[]


The in-game back story tells us that the main story takes place in New York City in the year 3039. Due the “discovery” of a new continent the natives call Arogothin in 2103,there are many creatures that were once thought of as imaginary such as orcs, goblins, several races of elf, centaurs, arachne (spider-centaur), lamia (serpent-centaur), & succubus living in New York in this time period. However, the main issue of this time is the pollution which has contaminated little less than every inch of the planet, & has gotten to a point in which the people of the 30th century were forced to build an artificial ozone layer due to complete depletion of the original. This pollution also caused human mutation to grow to a point of the mutant being considered a race of its own & a breakout of new diseases the most gruesome of which being Pyrogalica, a new virus that developed in 2659, that attacks the hypothalamus & causes an intense fever that increases until the host's body spontaneously combusts. Also, the economy has gotten so bad that even silver, gold, & platinum have become worthless & once priceless gems now have value equivalent to nickels & dimes. As a result in 2955 an Asian American alchemist created a method for fusing gems with precious metals & plasma (silver crystals=$1, gold crystals=$10, platinum diamonds=$50, & plasma tanzanite=$100).


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The main protagonist of the Ultimate Fusion series, Xack Trevor, is a cyborg built by Dr. Raymond Fissure (a famed scientist who specializes in the production of military androids) & his daughter Caroline Fissure. As a child, he & his sister Valorie Trevor came across the antagonist Vittoro & 2 of his minions while exploring the deeper areas of their regular hang-out & were attacked. Valorie was completely disintegrated, & Xack had the left half of his body destroyed just before landing in a polluted river. The chemicals in the river somehow kept him alive & brought him back to the city, where he was discovered by Caroline who immediately alerted her father. After the passing of 15 years, Xack awakens to discover the mechanical form that had replaced his left half. In the game Xack makes use of a plasma gun in his new left arm & can use the spikes on the forearm to transform it into different weapons, (drill, circular saw, etc.) however, it is up to the player to remember the combinations for each weapon.


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The primary antagonist of the series is Vittoro, who is referred to as “The dark emperor” by the NPCs in The Dark Empire. According to the back story, Vittoro traveled the world in search of young humanoids to mold into his ultimate warriors with whom he would defeat all the world’s armies & take over the world . When he met Xack he had only his son Shadow Zertemax & his nephew Lance Yuonas & had recruited Sab, Nincri, Wally, Roto (Reginald Otomin), & Orre within Xack’s 15 year incapacitation. After gathering & training them, Vittoro sent the 7 warriors to defeat the least resistant countries & work their way up, the soldiers left over from the defeated armies were assimilated & used in future battles as “MV soldiers”. Throughout the course of their invasions one of Vittoro’s minions came across blueprints for incredibly powerful robots that were later built as great assets to Vittoro’s already seemingly impermeable army. These robots & the MV soldiers are the field enemies throughout the game in Ultimate Fusion: The Dark Empire, & are referenced, but do not appear in the other games of the series.



Although none of them are released for sale as of yet, these games are currently under development & the series is planned to release in this order: Ultimate Fusion: The Dark Empire, Ultimate Fusion 2: Rise of the Elementals, & Ultimate Fusion 3: Birth of the mavericks. These titles are merely the beginning of the series, as many more are sure to be developed.