Ulgoland is the country of the Ulgo people in the Belgariad and Mallorean series by David Eddings. It is named after UL, the god of the people, and as token to the first Gorim, who entreated UL to take the people as his own. It is a mountainous land inhabited by monstrous beasts not found elsewhere in the world. When the monsters were driven mad by the cracking of the world, the Ulgos survived by retreating to caverns under the mountains.

As a people, the Ulgos are very religious, as the memory of what it is like to have no god has stayed with them through the generations. Some few are diviners, gifted with the ability to pass through solid rock.

In large-scale strategic battles with other armies, Ulgos serve as irregulars and stealth operatives, as their dark-adapted eyesight gives them advantages during the night. In the war that led to the battle of Vo Mimbre, Ulgos came into the Angarak camps at night and slaughtered thousands.

Two prominent Ulgos are the Gorim and Relg. Relg, a diviner, is one of the company in the Belgariad with strict ideas about sin. The Gorim is the ruler of the Ulgos and is chosen by UL. Of all the Ulgos, only the Gorim and his successor have blue eyes. The next Gorim will be Relg's son who currently lives in Maragor.

The Ulgos are especially noted in all the countries around it for their knives. Sporting barbs, gut-hooks and variation in the size of the blades their weapons are truly brutal in appearance and give vicious wounds.

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