Ulala as she appears in Report 1 of Space Channel 5: Part 2
Game series Space Channel 5
First game Space Channel 5 (1999)
Voiced by (English) Apollo Smile
Voiced by (Japanese) Unknown

Ulala (うらら Urara) is a video game character and the main protagonist of the video game series Space Channel 5. When Ulala was 12 years old, she was involved in a spaceship accident in which she was rescued by a reporter from a broadcasting station called Space Channel 5. This event inspired Ulala to not only become a reporter for the little-watched broadcasting station, but also to strive to become the best reporter in the galaxy. She has rivalry with Pudding and has an evil twin robotic counterpart named Evila.

It has been thought by some that her name is a pun on the French expression "Ooh la la". However, this has not been confirmed. Additionally, "Urara" is a female given name in Japan (although "Ulala" is the official romanized spelling of this character's name). "Urara" may also be a play on the Japanese adjective 麗らか (うららか uraraka) meaning "beautiful", "fine", or "glorious".


  • Name: Ulala (うらら in Japanese and Urara in romanization)
  • Occupation: Channel 5 reporter
  • Age: 22
  • Date of Birth: May 30, 2477
  • Astrological Sign: Gemini
  • Blood Type: B
  • Hair Colour: Pink
  • Eye Colour: Blue
  • Planet of Origin: Earth
  • Known Relatives: Mother (name unknown)
  • Favourite Ice Cream: Cherry vanilla
  • Hobby: Dancing
  • Name Origin: Ulala's mother is from a country in East Nippon. Her name was given to express the tone of this country.


Space Channel 5[]

At the start of the game, Ulala is now 22 years old and has been working as a rookie reporter for Channel 5 Studios for two years. An alien race called Morolians arrived to Earth and began to attack civilians with a special ray gun, forcing all those who come in contact with the gun beam to dance uncontrollably. Although Channel 5 sent out most of its reporters, they were all captured by the Morolians. Fuse, the director for Channel 5's investigative reporting team and Ulala's boss, saw this as an opportunity for Ulala to show her true reporting talents and sent her to get the story.


Ulala appeared as the main protagonist for Space Channel 5, Space Channel 5: Part 2 and Space Channel 5: Ulala's Cosmic Attack. She has appeared as a playable character in various other games such as Sega Superstars, Sonic Riders, Beach Spikers and Sega Superstars Tennis‎. She has also starred in Ulala's Channel J for the Vodafone.[1]

She will appear as a character in the upcoming game "Samba de Amigo" for the Nintendo Wii.[2]

Design controversy[]

In early 2003, Lady Miss Kier, formerly of the band Deee-Lite, initiated a lawsuit against SEGA for allegedly stealing her former persona and using it as the basis for the design of Ulala.

The lawsuit was based on accusations of copying her look of knee-high platform boots, short skirts and a pink ponytail.[3] Kier claimed that SEGA offered to pay her $16,000 to license her name, image and songs for the game, ultimately rejecting its offer, and later learning that SEGA went ahead and used her likeness anyway without her permission, after which she initiated the lawsuit. She ultimately lost the suit and a later appeal.[4]

Voice actresses[]

In the English versions of Space Channel 5 and Space Channel 5 Part 2, Ulala is voiced by singer and voice actress Apollo Smile. In the Japanese version, the character's voice is only credited as "Herself"; it is unknown who voices Ulala in the Japanese version.


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