USM Auriga
The Auriga in orbit near Pluto.
First appearance Alien: Resurrection
Fate Destroyed (crashed into Earth)
References "The Making of Alien Resurrection"
General characteristics
Class Military research starship
Maximum speed FTL: 3,169,777,333.333 km/h
Sublight: 0.08 LYSD
Auxiliary craft Numerous escape pods
Armaments see below
Propulsion FTL: Two (2) US/FLD-270/C Ion-Ram Hyperdrive Slipstream Engines
Sublight: Two (2) US/SLD-400/A Plasma Fusion Drives
Mass Empty: 78,000 metric tons (72,550 t)
Fully Loaded: 91,200 metric tons (83,000 t)
Length 3,658 m (12000’)
Width 718 m (2355')
Height 628 m (2060')

The USM (United Systems Military) Auriga is a fictional spaceship depicted in the fourth installment of the Alien quadrilogy, Alien: Resurrection and is by far the largest vessel depicted in the Alien series. A large, well-equipped military vessel, the Auriga is primarily used for illegal medical research and biological weapons development. It has a small crew of medical scientists and security personnel, and is commanded by the corrupt USM General, Ramón Perez.



The Auriga just before impact.

The vast majority of the film is set on the Auriga, where the long-dead Ellen Ripley has been cloned from frozen DNA taken from the prison planet Fiorina 161 in Alien³, along with the embryonic Xenomorph Queen growing inside her. The Auriga's scientists manage to successfully extract the Queen, and the Ripley clone quickly recovers, having somehow retained all her former memories and intelligence. However, the Alien drones being kept for study soon escape, slaughtering the ship's guards and scientists, including General Perez and his aides.


The Auriga crashing near Africa.

The rest of the film details the exploits of Ripley and a motley crew of renegades (including the good-intentioned female android, Call) as they attempt to escape with their lives. Many of them are killed in the process, but Ripley, Call and a few others manage to escape on board the renegades' transport ship, the Betty.

The Auriga is destroyed when Call programs its engine controls to send it into a collision course with Earth. The impact obliterates the ship and all the Aliens on board.

Ship Details[]


  • Hull: 480 m (1440 ft) x 92 m (276 ft) x 88 m (264 ft)
  • Superstructure 116 m (348 ft) x 32 m (96.5 ft) x 25 m (75 ft)


  • 12 Command Staff (inc. bridge officers, Gen. Perez etc)
  • 8 Maintenance Personnel
  • 12 Science Personnel
  • 23 USM Guardsmen


Defensive Armament

  • Six Raptor AX/II-A Computer-Guided Anti-Ordnance Weapons Platforms
  • Four Viper D-220 Zero-Gravity Hypervelocity Turrets
  • Five Shryke-2 XN/V-32 Electron Railgun Units

Offensive Armament

  • None


  • TM/A-R8 Mid-Range Sensor Antennae
  • SO/S-V2 Orbital Survey Radar Array
  • B-FZ/22-A Defensive Fire Control Radar Array

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