Flashplayer Website

Flashplayer, sponsored by UGO, and was made by Bill Kara. is a website for hosting Macromedia Flash animations, Macromedia Flash games, and Macromedia Flash music videos. They welcome all aspiring Flash enthusiasts to join the community where they can submit their animation.

Submitting Work[]

(taken from the actual website) Step One: Register Your Personal Account:

This keeps track of your submissions, your details like your name, website if you have one and other details you wish to share with your viewers. Click below to get started opening a new account, the link will open in a new window and the form takes about 90 seconds to complete. Register here.

Step Two: Submit Your Flash Title:

You can submit your file to us using our "submit form" this process normally takes about 60 seconds to a few minutes depending on the file size you are trying to send us, we do not accept files over 6 megabytes via the submit form. Simply fill out the movie details, attach your file and hit submit. Your title will be sent to our editors for review and you will be notified via email if your title is showcased on our site. If you already have an account with us simply click below to submit your title to us. Submit A Title here.

Top 10 Animations on Flashplayer[]

The superflashbros animations have the greatest hold on the top 10 list, while independent animators hold the other spots.

The Forum[]

More notable is the forums on Flashplayer, where a unique community has formed. Oddly enough, the community hardly associates itself with Flashplayer, hardly ever mentioning site content, but rather talking about whatever is on their mind. Though a huge center of discussion is debate, in which members participate in discussing worldly issues.

Moderators (chronological):


A trophy wall representing banned members who commited notable acts of rulebreaking. One spammer there which is famously hated is cyberxp9 Image made by Almighty David




Almighty David

The history of the Forum (slightly biased) can be found here: [1]

The Media Player[]

Flashplayer is also a media player that plays flash animations. Almost all interactive banner/pop-up adds are based on Macromedia flashplayer. There are also many web sites which host flashplayer animations, such as,, and of course,

The most recent version of flashplayer is version 8.