Template:Survivor contestant Tyson Apostol (born June 17, 1979) is a contestant of the reality show Survivor. He participated in Survivor: Tocantins and Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains.


Tyson Apostol was raised in Lindon, Utah and currently lives in Heber City, Utah.[1] His occupation is a bike shop owner, and he used to be a professional cyclist in Switzerland, Belgium, and Austria. He is also a dropout of Brigham Young University and he spent two years in the Philippines as a Mormon missionary.[2]

Survivor: Tocantins[]

Tyson was preselected on the Timbira tribe before his arrival on the island. For the first two episodes Tyson stuck with the majority of the alliance, forming a particular alliance with Coach, who dubbed Tyson his "assistant coach." In episode three Coach and Tyson wanted to blindside Erinn and ignore the sick Jerry. But the rest of the tribe disagreed and voted out Jerry. At the merge Tyson won the first individual immunity by outlasting former tribe mate Debbie; Tyson went on to win Final Nine immunity as well, in the next episode. In the next episode Coach and Tyson aligned with Stephen, J.T., and Debbie to form a "warrior alliance," who blindsided Brendan with Erinn and Taj's cooperation. In the next episode Sierra was the target but J.T and Stephen joined the other group who decided that Tyson was more of a threat than Sierra and Tyson was voted out 5-3.[3] For this season, Jeff Probst stated that Tyson was one of his favorites for being maniacal and unpredictable.[4]

Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains[]

When Tyson was asked to participate in the Heroes vs. Villains season, he was selected to be part of the Villains tribe. Tyson seemed clearly safe when his tribe clearly dominated at the first immunity and reward challenges, and when he formed a majority alliance with Boston Rob, Sandra, Courtney, Jerri, and fellow Tocantins participant Coach. However, this changed when his alliance tried to vote out Russell. Boston Rob knew that Russell had a hidden immunity idol, so he told Tyson and the others to spit the vote between Russell and Parvati. Foreseeing this, Russell tricked Tyson to changing his vote from himself to Parvati. Russell then gave the idol to Parvati, which she played and successfully blindsided Tyson in a 3-2-0 vote. This action caused Tyson to be the sixth survivor and the second "Villain" to be voted out in the season.

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