Tyrannosaurus Reich
Tyrannosaurus Reich.
Art by Doug Mahnke
Publication information
Publisher DC Comics
First appearance Major Bummer #5
Created by John Arcudi
Doug Mahnke
In-story information
Abilities Human-level intelligence, able to manipulate firearms, Tyrannosaurus rex strength

Tyrannosaurus Reich is a supervillain featured in DC ComicsMajor Bummer #5. T. Reich is pulled to Earth through a dimensional portal from “a dimension of Nazi dinosaurs.” He briefly wreaks havoc in the downtown before being driven back to his home dimension by a housecat which changes sizes when agitated. All of T. Reich’s dialog is in dialectical German, and can be somewhat difficult for non-native speakers to accurately translate. While comprehension reveals a new layer of humor in the story, knowledge of German is not required to follow the plot.

Despite his brief appearance, T. Reich has a small but enthusiastic cult following.[1] He has also become an Internet meme.


  • Major Bummer #5 (DC Comics)

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