The "Turn to News" package was composed by American composer Frank Gari in 1983 and its first client was then-NBC O&O WKYC-TV in Cleveland. The station composed a jingle around the theme called "Turn to 3," as an expansion of WKYC's then-current campaign, "You've Got a Friend," with Gari himself singing the lead, hence the closing lyrics "You've got a friend, turn to 3!" A year later, Gari was asked by WXYZ-TV in Detroit, which had used the ABC localized So Good to Turn to slogan, to update "Turn to 3". He produced "Stand Up and Tell 'em You're from Detroit!" The promo campaign for WXYZ became an enormous success and spread to several stations around the country, including KMGH in Denver, WDSU in New Orleans, WSMV in Nashville, and WHOI-TV in Peoria, IL. The last station to use this package, according to the News Music Search archive, was WNCT-TV in Greenville-New Bern-Washington, NC in 1998. The package was not only used in the United States. It was used also by Australia's Network Ten's Brisbane and Adelaide, and was also adopted in other languages, such as French and Spanish.

Stations that used Turn to News image campaign and news music package

United States

DMA# DMA Name Station Affiliation Years Used Other Notes
3. Chicago, Illinois WLS ABC 1985–1992 WLS used Turn To News for newscast bumpers, promos, and closings, but never used it for an open. The opening music was News Series 2000, also by Gari. Slogan was "Stand Up and Tell 'em Chicago's Great".
4. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania KYW CBS, then NBC 1986–1991 Slogan was "Philadelphia's Proud".
9. Atlanta, Georgia WSB-TV ABC 1986–1988 Slogan was "Stand up and tell 'em your from Atlanta"
11. Detroit, Michigan WXYZ ABC 1984–1986 Like WLS, WXYZ never used any cut from Turn To News for its openings, but unlike WABC and WLS never used it for the newscasts. Slogan was "Stand Up and Tell 'em You're from Detroit". After Capital Cities merged with ABC, WXYZ was sold in early 1986 to The E.W. Scripps Company, and the slogan was removed.
16. Miami, Florida WTVJ NBC, then CBS 1984–1988 Slogan was "We're On Your Side, Turn To 4". Used for promos but never as a primary theme.
17. Cleveland, Ohio WKYC-TV NBC 1984–1990 First station to commission the package (March 19, 1984). Slogan was "Turn to 3".
18. Denver, Colorado KMGH-TV ABC, then CBS 1985–1987 Slogan was "You've Got the Colorado Style"
19. Orlando, Florida WCPX CBS 1987–1989 Slogan was "Channel 6 is on Your Side"
22. Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania WTAE ABC 1985–1989 Slogan was "(Stand Up and) Tell 'em Pittsburgh's Great". Rival station WPXI used again the jingle, between 2004 and 2006 as "Stand Up and Tell 'em You're from Pittsburgh".
28. Hartford/New Haven, Connecticut WTIC-TV Fox 1989–1991 Slogan was "Stand Up and Tell 'em Connecticut's Great".
29. Baltimore, Maryland WBFF Fox, Independent until 1986 1984–1987 Slogan was "We have something good for you"
31. Kansas City, Missouri KMBC-TV ABC 1986–1988 Slogan Was "Come Home To Where The News Comes First".
34. Milwaukee, Wisconsin WITI CBS (now Fox) 1985–1989 Slogan was "Stand Up and Tell'em You're from Milwaukee".
38. West Palm Beach, Florida WPEC CBS, ABC until 1989 1987–1992 Slogan was "The 1-2 Turn To, TV-12".
40. Birmingham, Alabama WBRC Fox, then ABC 1985–1990 Slogan was "Alabama's Great"
42. Norfolk, Virginia WVEC-TV ABC 1984–1991 Slogan was "The Spirit of Hampton Roads (is on 13)". Used a customized update from 1989–1991
43. Las Vegas, Nevada KVBC NBC 1986–1990 Slogan was "You've got a Friend, Turn to 3".
44. Memphis, Tennessee WMC-TV NBC 1986–1995 Used a customized update from 1993–1995. Slogan was "WMC Turn to 5".
47. Greensboro, North Carolina WGHP Fox, then ABC 1984–1988 Slogan was "Stand Up and tell'em Piedmont's Great" and 'GHP, turn to 8".
48. Louisville, Kentucky WHAS ABC, then CBS 1985–1989 Slogan was "Stand Up and tell'em Kentucky's Great".
54. New Orleans, Louisiana WDSU NBC 1985–1987 Slogan was "You've Got What Makes New Orleans Great"
55. Fresno, California KFSN ABC 1985–1994 Slogan was "Stand Up and Tell 'em Fresno's Great".
56. Little Rock, Arkansas KETS PBS 1986–1992 Slogan was "We're On Your Side, Turn to 2". This is the only PBS station to do so.
79. Syracuse, New York WTVH CBS 1986–1989 Slogan was "Stand Up and Tell'em You're from Syracuse".
82. Champaign, Illinois WICD-TV ABC, then NBC 1993–1994 Slogan was "WICD, turn to 15" and "WICD, turn to 20".
89. Cedar Rapids, Iowa KCRG ABC 1985–1989 Slogan was "Stand up and tell'em that Iowa's great".
116. Peoria, Illinois WHOI ABC 1989-1992 Slogans were "Stand Up and Tell 'em You're From the Heart" (of Illinois) and "Here in the Heart, Turn To 19".
119. Fargo, North Dakota WDAY ABC 1987–1996 Slogan was "Turn to WDAY TV-6".
124. Monterey, California KCBA Fox 1987–1994 Slogan Was "Turn To TV-35, KCBA"
131. Columbia/Jefferson City, Missouri KRCG CBS 1986-1993 Slogan Was "Depend on KRCG"
151. Terre Haute, Indiana WTHI CBS 1986–1987

Slogan Was "Turn To a Friend, Turn To 10"

N/R San Juan, Puerto Rico WAPA-TV Spanish independent 1988–1993 Slogan was "Ven a casa, ven a WAPA" or "Come home, come to WAPA"


Country Station Years Used Other Notes
Argentina Telefe 1988–1990 "Arriba el 11" ("11 Alive")
Australia Network Ten 1986–1988 Brisbane: "Stand Up and Tell Them Brisbane's Great"

Adelaide: "Stand Up and Tell Them Adelaide's Great" Also used by CTC-7 in Canberra "Stand Up and Tell Them Canberra's Great" and NRN-11 in Coffs Harbour "Stand Up and Tell Them Coffs Harbuor's Great".

Chile Megavisión 1990–1991 "El otro canal" ("The Other Network"). Only used as a campaign.
Denmark TV2 1990–1992 "TV2, Turn 2 TV2".
France M6 1987–1988 "C’est à voir, c’est sur M6!" ("It's to see it on M6!")
Hong Kong ATV 1986–1990 "Stand Up and Tell'em You're from Hong Kong"
Indonesia RCTI 1992–1994 "The Best Entertainment Is Always Here!"
Italy Canale Cinque 1986–1990 "Il 5 sta in tutta l'Italia" ("Channel 5 is all over Italy")
Japan TBS (Tokyo) 1994–1996 "Turn to 6". Between 1991 and 1994, TBS also used another package by Gari, Hello News between 1991 and 1994.
Malaysia TV3 1985–1988 "Stand up and tell'em that Malaysia's Great!"
Peru América Televisión 1987–1989 "La televisión que tú quieres" ("TV you want"); used also as the news theme from 1988 until 1990.
Philippines GMA Network 1988–1992 "Stand Up and Tell'em Manila's Great!" (only used for Great Manila)
Portugal RTP1 1989–1991 "Televisão começa com 1" ("Television begins with 1")
Sweden TV3 1989–1992 "Stand Up and Tell'em that Sweden's Great"
Venezuela Venevisión 1988–1989 "Lo que usted quiere ver" ("What you want to watch")

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