Tsukuri is a fictional character, a DC animated universe supervillain that is one of the few original villains created for the Justice League animated series. She is voiced on Justice League by Karen Maruyama. The character may be loosely inspired by the comics hero Katana.[citation needed]

Tsukuri first appears in the Justice League episode Fury. She is depicted as a masked Asian woman in a suit of red and black armor resembling that of a samurai. She wields a deadly katana blade and is a gifted martial artist.

Fictional character biography[]

In the episode, she is a member of a team of villains and aids their leader Aresia in her attempt to eradicate all males from the planet. No personal motive is given for Tsukuri's support of the effort. However, her loyalty is not fanatical, as she eventually bails out of a crashing airplane (saying as she does, "I like you, but not that much"), leaving Aresia to die. Tsukuri makes occasional cameos throughout the series, usually in villain crowd scenes, but is never again featured prominently. However, she is seen in the episode "Alive" as a member of Grodd/Luthor's Secret Society.


The word "Tsukuri" is Japanese for "making." In martial arts, it is used in the context of making an opening for an attack by breaking an opponent's balance and maneuvering them into a desired vulnerable position, usually balanced on their toes or heel.

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