Patricia "Trish" Wellington is a fictional character of the horror thriller/mystery show, Harper's Island. Trish Wellington is portrayed by Katie Cassidy.


Trish Wellington grew up in Washington with her parents, Thomas and Vanessa Wellington. She also has a sister named Shea. Her family is quite wealthy. Their mother died. She spent summers on Harper's Island and met Henry Dunn. They broke up later and Trish dated Hunter.

Trish's father remarried. Her stepmother's name is Katherine. She is going to marry Henry on Harper's Island, but Mr. Wellington disapproves of him.

Pilot Episode[]

Trish Wellington is going to marry Henry Dunn. She says to Shea she loves the groomsmen because they love Henry as much as she does.

Trish also welcomes and hugs Abby, Henry's best friend.

Trish is worrying about cousin Ben. Her phone rings. The caller is Hunter, her college ex-boyfriend. Mr. Wellington tells Trish to send a charter boat for cousin Ben, but cousin Ben is tied under the boat and is killed by the propeller as the boat takes off.

Trish and the guests reach Harper's Island.

Inside the Candlewick Inn bar, Trish receives a message from Hunter. She meets him face to face in the inn hallway. Hunter tries to kiss her, but Trish says she's going to be married. Hunter asks Trish if she's sure that she wants to be married.

Trish and Henry make love inside their bedroom.

2nd Episode[]

Trish meets Hunter at the dock. Trish says Hunter had already his chance.

Trish runs down the hallway. She makes it outside and meets the guests and Henry. Henry and Trish discuss the next activity, the scavenger hunt.

Trish apologizes for being late. Trish and Henry went inside the kitchen to taste food. They also have sex.

Trish tells Lucy, the bridesmaid, that Hunter is on Harper's Island. Lucy tells her to tell it her dad.

Trish hears Mr. Wellington and Henry talking.

Inside a room, Trish is crying. Mr. Wellington tells Trish that he sent Hunter away. Trish hugs her dad, Thomas.

3rd Episode[]

Trish is keeping score for the skeet shooting where Henry, Mr. Wellington and Richard are the players.

Hunter enters the dressing room where Trish is trying on wedding night lingerie. She slaps his face.

Trish shows her dress to Shea and Beth. Trish's phone rings and Beth went to answer it. She is shocked when Beth finds out Hunter is calling her. Trish forbids Beth to tell Henry that Hunter is on the island.

4th Episode[]

Shea shows Trish their late mother's tea set.

Trish finds out that Katherine, her stepmother, and Richard are having an affair. She tells Henry and sobs.

Maggie shows Trish, Shea and the other women the broken tea set inside a room. They are all shocked. Trish cried and rushed outside.

Trish is drunk when she goes in the pool. She went underwater when the pool is covered. Richard saves her life from drowning.

5th Episode[]

Trish and her dad, Mr. Wellington, went biking in the woods. A log knocks their bikes and they both roll down a hill.

Trish and Mr. Wellington awakes.

Mr. Wellington tells Trish he doesn't trust Henry. Trish tells Mr. Wellington that Katherine is having an affair with Richard. Mr. Wellington is shocked.

Trish and Mr. Wellington spots a man with a German Shepherd. The man looses his dog. Trish and Mr. Wellington runs and enters an abandoned vehicle. Later, Mr. Wellington kills the dog using a bottle.

Trish meets Henry. Henry asks if Mr. Wellington is okay.

On the wedding rehearsal, Trish looks up and saw the head spade hitting Mr. Wellington's head.

6th Episode[]

Trish cries, mourns and screams for Mr. Wellington's death. Henry comforts her.

Inside a room, Trish calls Richard a son of a bitch. Trish tells Shea that Richard is having an affair with Katherine.

Later, Trish apologizes to Shea, who is still crying. Shea thought he loves her.

Trish goes inside Katherine's room. Trish says she can tell Katherine is upset. Katherine says to Trish that she is not with Richard the whole day.