Triple-strength myomer refers to a type of technology in the fictional BattleTech franchise.


Triple-strength myomer, or TSM, is a variant of standard myomer that, when heated, increases in strength. A 'Mech running under TSM increases in both speed and striking power in physical attacks, despite a slight loss in targeting system accuracy.

BattleTech History[]

According to BattleTech history, Triple strength myomer was originally developed at the New Avalon Institute of Science (NAIS) in 3029 at a hidden installation. However, the myomer was stolen by agents of House Liao working under direction of Justin Allard, a Davion agent working under deep cover. The myomer originally worked all the time, but combusted in the presence of a certain gas. This gas was used when the Davion Heavy Guards, masquerading as a Liao unit that had raided the Kathil shipyards, extracted Justin from Sian. They sprayed the gas as their DropShips were landing, and then opened holes in the defending Liao 'Mechs, destroying them. After the raid, both Davion and Liao scientists figured out how to alter the myomer so that the gas would not affect it. However, it now only operated in a small temperature range.

Several 'Mech designs sport TSM, though it is mostly used in gladiatorial combat on Solaris VII. The most famous is Yen Lo Wang, the modified Centurion 'Mech originally owned by Justin Allard, but passed onto his son Kai Allard-Liao during the Clan Invasion. Other designs include the CN9-D3 Centurion Mech fielded exclusively by House Davion.


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