Tornedron (often misspelled as Tornatron, Tornitron and others) is a fictional character in the Transformers animated series. Tornedron was the successor to Unicron, created by Unicron's creator Primacron. Unlike Unicron, Tornedron was an energy-based lifeform, controlled by Primacron's remote control. It consumed other energies, leaving stars dead and planets inert; its final purpose was to leave the entire universe a blank slate for Primacron to do with as he pleased.

Unfortunately for Primacron, while Tornedron succeeded in draining most of the universe's energy, it also became just as rebellious as his predecessor. Only Grimlock defeated it before the creature could consume its creator; he threw it into reverse, returning all the energy it stole to its original locations and dispersing the entity.

Tornedron's sole appearance was in the season three episode "Call of the Primitives". He was voiced by Neil Ross.

Tornedron's forms[]

Tornedron was a shape shifter, and took on many forms during his energy-draining crusade. They were:

  • A ball of energy (most common)
  • A giant Spider (used to absorb the energy of entire planets)
  • A Dragon (used against Trypticon)
  • A Tiger (Used against the cassettes)
  • A giant warrior (Used against Predaking)
  • A Hydra (Used against the Terrorcons)
  • A Tyrannosaurus/Triceratops/Brachiosaurus/Stegosaurus/Pteradactyl composite (Used against the Dinobots)
  • A monster face (While on the verge of devouring Primacron)

Tornedron also demonstrated the ability to separate into multiple forms, enabling him to hunt all the Primitives at once.