top ten worst men in the media

10 every teenage boy in disney reallity shows

really these boys are sexus and stupid.

9 orin from little shop of horrors

he constently beats audrey and has the most horrible job a dentist.

8 chun from remo williams

he say one of the most sexus lines in movie history.

7 every man from chicago

these men deseve to die they are sexus and cruel.

6 bender from futerama

hes a drunk ass hole.

5 pretty much every man in soap operas

they cheat on there wifes beat there wifes and get drunk and beat there wifes some more.

4 mobsters in every movie that envolves mobsters

they dont just beat women they kill women

3 austin powers from austin powers

he dosent really care about women he just wants to f**k them

2 captain amaraca from captain amaraca

he abandons the women trying to help him

1 bettlejuce from bettlejuce

the dead perve who steals and forces a girl to marry him