Anthony Holden
Jon Sivewright as Tony Holden
Portrayed by Jon Sivewright
Duration 2005-
First appearance 5 August 2005
Episode 4020
Gender Male
Occupation Gym Manager, formerly Teacher

Anthony "Tony" Holden is a fictional character on the Australian soap opera Home and Away, portrayed by actor Jon Sivewright since 2005.[1]

Tony arrived in Summer Bay with his two sons, Jack Holden and Lucas Holden. Tony, a widower after the death of his wife Kate Holden, struck up a romance with single parent and widow Beth Hunter. Tony and Lucas moved in with Beth and her family whilst Jack remained in his dad's house.

In 2007, Beth decided to go and tour the world. Tony, thinking Beth was unhappy, proposed to Beth but she rejected telling him that she didn't need to marry Tony in order to be with him. She promised to return to her partner and family. However, as she was returning, she was involved in a tragic accident and was killed.

Tony struggled to cope with the loss of his partner and even slept with new school teacher Naomi Preston, unbeknownst to him, she had had a relationship with his son Lucas. Lucas was livid when he found out but came to forgave his father.

Tony embarked on a disastrous relationship with Jazz Curtis before finding happiness with Rachel Armstrong. Tony was unsure on whether to ask Rachel out on a date due to the age difference, and Rachel herself was not sure of accepting it as she was flirting with new resident Roman Harris; however, Colleen likened Roman to Rachel's ex-husband Kim Hyde who left her for Kit Hunter, the father of his child and it was this comment that led Rachel to accept Tony's date.

Tony proposed to Rachel who happily accepted, but on her wedding day went missing. She had been kidnapped by Aden Jefferies who was holding her and his father Larry hostage. Tony, Jack and Leah all presumed that Rachel had got cold feet and had run away. Tony, devastated by this, went on a holiday to drown his sorrows.

Rachel returned from her tragic ordeal, and Tony arrived back. Though there was some tension at first, Tony and Rachel soon picked up where they left off; however, Bridget Simmons arrived in the Bay, a woman who Tony had had a one night stand with when on holiday. He told Rachel, who forgave him. Tony and Rachel are currently married.

Tony's devastation at the death of his son Jack continues to cause them problems, but on the whole they have a very good relationship.


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