Jarrod Rebecchi
Ryan Moloney as Toadfish Rebecchi
Portrayed by Ryan Moloney
Duration 1995, 1996–
First appearance 8 February 1995
Episode 2318
Nickname(s) Toadfish
Gender Male
Occupation Lawyer
Residence 30 Ramsay Street

Jarrod Vincenzo "Toadfish" Rebecchi (known simply as Toadie) is a fictional character on the popular Australian soap opera Neighbours, portrayed by Ryan Moloney.

Character's background[]

The character first appeared in 1995 on a recurring basis, as a friend of Billy Kennedy (played by Jesse Spencer), but gradually became popular enough with the viewers to become a long-standing permanent character.

His nickname derives from the Toadfish. The Rebecchi family has a tradition of fish-based nicknames, such as his brother, Kevin "Stonefish" Rebecchi (Anthony Engelman); this since has rubbed off on his cousins Scott "Stingray" Timmins (Ben Nicholas), Wayne "Tadpole" Reeves (Jonathon Dutton) and Tad's sister Gemma "Gemfish" Reeves.

The Rebecchis were once one of the central families of Ramsay Street, but only Toadie remains as a regular. He has consistently remained one of the series' most popular characters.

Toadie was first introduced as the younger brother of Stonefish Rebecchi, and like Stonefish, Toadie was a troublemaker at school, but soon became close friends with Billy, the son of local doctor Karl Kennedy (Alan Fletcher) and high school English teacher Susan Kennedy (Jackie Woodburne). Always scheming to make his life easier, Toadie's life turned around while attempting to fake dyslexia in high school to be given preferential treatment in examinations. Toadie was required to take an intelligence test and it was discovered that he had an extremely high IQ. With encouragement from Susan, he broke out of his lazy approach to his studies and applied himself in order to graduate with top marks. He has become a respectable lawyer (though sometimes a slob) as part of the firm "Tim Collins and Associates" which is based in the former offices of Karl's Medical Centre. He is also a former wrestler (fighting under the name "The Lawman", whose trademark move was 'The Summons') and former co-host of the wrestling show "Choke-Hold" (on the fictional 'Channel 44') with Connor O'Neill (Patrick Harvey) (as "The Shamrock"), as well as having owned a bikini store named "Bounce", which was given to him by a law client in severe debt. The shop closed after minor partner Serena Bishop (Lara Sacher) died in a plane crash, leaving Toadie further out-of-pocket, despite many attempts to make it a success.

Perhaps Toadie's most distinctive initial feature was his long, frizzy ponytail which, when it was eventually cut off, was displayed behind the bar at Lou's Place. Since then Toadie has adopted a shorter hairstyle.

He's known amongst his peers for his selfless behaviour, including devoting two days a week to various charities and voluntary work.

Dee Bliss[]

Toadie formed a close friendship with Dee Bliss (Madeleine West), his beautiful blonde housemate, counselling her when she miscarried her child. The couple's friendship eventually blossomed into romance, but on their wedding day whilst the happy couple were setting off on their honeymoon, their car careened off a cliff into the sea. (Dee's body was never found, and is presumed drowned.)

Connor's Disappearance[]

Toadie's very good friend Connor, is thought to have been murdered by Robert Robinson (Adam Hunter), after he disappeared in 2006. Toadie was sent Connor's wallet from China, giving hope that Connor may be alive and holidaying overseas. On St Patrick's Day 2007, Toadie, Steph Scully and Max Hoyland all received gifts from Connor. At first it was thought to be a trick from the imprisoned Robert Robinson, but it was clearly in Connor's handwriting, so the idea was abandoned.

Stephanie Scully[]

Toadie has recently developed feelings for the married Stephanie Hoyland (Carla Bonner), to whom he had been attracted when she first arrived in Erinsborough.

In the Neighbours season finale of 2006, Katya (Dichen Lachman), Zeke (Matthew Werkmeister), Steph, Charlie (Aaron Aulsebrook-Walker) and Toadie were held hostage by Guy Sykes (Fletcher Humphrys) in No. 32. Zeke distracted Guy as Toadie knocked him to the ground, allowing the others to escape. As Toadie ran out to meet them, Guy shot him from inside. Karl and Steph surrounded him as he lay there. He was sent to hospital, where he almost died. Steph pledged her love to Toadie; meanwhile he dreamt that his love for Steph was ruining her relationship with her departed husband, Max (Stephen Lovatt). Toadie broke things off with Steph, who then went back to a recently-returned Max. This did not last long, and Max left town again, permanently.

Despite Steph being free again, Toadie rejected her in favor of dating Abby Stafford (Louise Crawford). Toadie then found out Abby had a daughter, Zoe. Toadie, Abby and Zoe began life as a family, like going out to watch Toy Story with Zoe. In April, Abby heard Toadie say to Rosie that he wasn't still over Steph. Abby started asking for money, to pay him back for him using her as a runner-up. She then told him she was quitting as a secretary and leaving him. Zoe then rang Toadie and asked if he was still on for watching cartoons with her. Toadie resisted calling Abby and apologising, instead deciding to go on with Steph Hoyland.

Rebecchi Cammeniti[]

Toadie and Rosetta's (Natalie Saleeba) boss recently put them under unacceptable amounts of pressure. After Tim's (Ben Anderson) pressuring put Toadie in hospital from a panic attack, Rosie and Toadie decided to quit and start their own partnership.

Toadie started defending Susan from a hit and run charge. At first, he didn't think he would be objective enough, but he realised that he was the best person for the job.

Marrying Steph[]

With Toadie and Steph's impending wedding coming up a run of bad luck could ruin it all. First Toadie's suit doesn't fit, then they muck up the rings and so on. Even on their wedding day Angie and Big Kev try to smuggle Toadie out at the same time as Valda, Rosie and Rebecca are trying to smuggle Steph out and Toadie and Steph see each other. But Libby comes to the rescue as Susan tells her she must go to the wedding without her. As Toadie, Charlie, Frazer and all the guests wait in the church for Libby and Steph to arrive Toadie is worried. When Libby walks into the church there is a long wait for Steph. When she eventually enters, she has trouble reading out her vows and even though she tried to convince Toadie that it was just nerves, he is sure this time that her heart truly isn't in it. So he tells Steph that he can't go through with it and leaves her standing at the altar, and all the guests watching in shock.

After this Steph felt awful and tried to apologise lots of times but Toadie just couldn't forgive her.

Toadie is also comparing his wedding to Steph to the wonderful and tragic wedding to the beloved Dee.

While Steph was in Shelly Bay for a few weeks, Toadie decided that he too needs some time off, but was going to take longer as he was going away to another law firm for a while.

God Daughter[]

Toadie was chosen to be Chloe Cammeniti's Godfather by Carmella Cammeniti and Oliver Barnes.


Toadie has recently returned from his trip and Steph has the feeling he has moved on. He then revealed to her that he is planning to adopt one of the children that he met at an orphanage who were in need of help. However once he did adopt, his child failed to arrive after he lied and said on his report that he had lived in that country for twelve months when indeed he hadn't so they took the child off the plane and will now have to find him a new family.

Callum Jones[]

Toadie is first introduced to Callum through Steph after his failed adoption plans. Toadie invites Callum to stay with him after finding his grandmother unable to cope with Callum. Toadie initially struggles with this new found parental role but eventually finds common ground and interests. When Callum was taken to Ballarat to live with his relatives, he was homesick for Erinsborough. Callum's relatives contacted Toadie and Callum returned to Erinsborough. Toadie is Callum's legal guardian.

Kelly Katsis[]

Steph later apologised for making Kelly looking like an idiot at Charlies and the two make up. Then later on in the year Kelly and Toadie start going on a few dates which starts to annoy Callum as this is his school teacher and his guardian. In an attempted to break them up Paul Robinson is looking for a page 3 girl in the Erinsborough news, Callum is working on Miss Katsis's laptop when he finds some saucy pics of her and he emails them to Paul. Toadie finds out and it livid with Callum and tries to persuade Paul not to print them. Paul does not listen and he does print them and Kelly is suspended from her teaching profession. Absolutely ecstatic, Callum starts a petition to get Kelly her job back and he gets Mickey and Ben to help him read in the General store to show everyone what a good teacher she is. This turns out to be a success and Kelly gets her job back but Toadie and Kelly decied to end their relationship though they still remained friends.

Return Of Guy Sykes[]

Guy Sykes returned to Ramsay Street in April 09 after seeing a story in the newspaper about the discovery of money in the allotment. He returned to Erinsbourgh to retrieve the $20,000, which he said was owed to him by Katya Kinski. Toadie warned Guy to stay away from him and Callum. One evening Guy managed to enter Number 30 and held Toadie and Callum hostage throughout the night, waiting until the morning until the banks were open so Toadie could get Guy his money. Zeke was convinced that Guy was in the house and alerted the rest of the neighbours and the police. Toadie helped Callum escape before he managed to wrestle Guy to the ground and the police arrested Guy. Toadie was left very shaken up by the incident.


Toadie's beloved dog 'Bob' had to be put down as he had cancer. This was a traumatic event for Toadie and seemingly, everyone else on Ramsay Street. Unfortunately, Toadie dropped the urn containing Bob's ashes and Susan Kennedy had to use a dustbuster vacuum and a lunchbox to collect the ashes. Toadie and the other residents of Ramsay Street then scattered the ashes at the lake following a touching eulogy by Toadie.


  1. Toadie had an on-screen surprise birthday party on 11 December 1996

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