Here is a list of all the titans that appear in the video game Crash of the Titans, in alphabetical order.


Each of the titans is classified into one of the 4 groups: Brute Force, Locomotive, Captain, Projectile, and Titan (boss).


Arachnina is the name of Nina's spiderbot in the final episode. Like the other titan bosses, the spiderbot can be jacked and can be used to destroy several power generators. Nina's spiderbot has an extremely powerful laser attack that destroys anything in front of the spiderbot, and allows the Arachnina to move extremely quickly.

Type: Titan


Batler is a bat-like enemy in Crash of the Titans, and is first introduced in the episode Family Tree. Batler can produce tornado-like sonic waves in his special attack, and also has a limited flying attack. Batler is one of the few titans who doesn't fit into a specific titan group (Brute Force, projectile, ect).

Type: Unknown


Ee-lectric is a reptilian eel who attacks with various lighting attacks. He is the last projectile titan introduced in the game, and does the most damage. His special attack is like the other projectile titans, but instead summons lighting bolts down onto the ground.

Type: Projectile


Goar is a large bear like creature (presumely a grizzly bear from his original name, Grizzly) who is introduced in the second episode. He has nearly as much health as the Captain classes.

Type: Locomotive


Magmadon is a tortoise with severely charred skin and various lava-related attacks. Magmadon has a powerful 2-hit punching attack, and can also create a large pile of lava in front of him. Magmadon is first encountered in the episode The Blizzard of Claws.

Type: Brute Force


Parafox, introduced in the second episode, is a large fox-like creature who attacks with laser-like projectiles. In his introductory video, he was seen trying to capture and eat a small bandicoot-like creature.

Type: Projectile




Ratcicle is a large rat who has claws and teeth made out of ice, and can create large snowballs to slam on the ground as well as a large trail of ice that freezes any titans or fodder that come within it.

Type: Brute Force

Rhino Roller[]

The Rhino Roller is a large Rhino who attacks with his horn and, more oftenly, a very powerful rolling attack similar to Sonic the Hedgehog (who is, coincidentally, referenced in the game). He first appears in the constuction episodes.

Type: Locomotive


Scorpilla is a huge gorilla-scorpion hybrid which attacks mainly with the use of her tail and her large fasts. Scorpilla is assumed to be female, as she is refered as a "she" in most interviews as well as her bio in Crash of the Titans.

Type: Captain


Shellephant is an extremely large elephant with a large shall on his back. Shellephant was involved in Tiny's boss fight, and caused Tiny to confess Nina's location to Crash.

Type: Captain


Sludge is a brute force Titan who has the ability to shape shift and vomit out acidic goo. Episode 8, A Sludge Too Far was named after all the Sludges that appear in the level.

Type: Brute Force


Spike is a mutant porcupine who is the first titan to appear in the game. Spike has the ability to cause spikes to raise out of the ground, which he uses to destroy several Ratnitians in the first episode.

Type: Brute Force


Stench is a hybrid of a skunk and some species of bird. His attacks are slower than Parafox's and Ee-lectric's, but they have better homing capabilities and can attack titans higher in the air.

Type: Projectile

Uka Uka Tree Form[]

Although not exactly a titan, Uka Uka mutates himself with the Evolvo Ray during his boss fight, and grows a body composed of several tree limbs. Like the other titan bosses, Uka can be jacked and used to destroy several machines powering the evolvo-ray.

Type: Titan


Yuktopus is the first boss in Crash of the Titans. Yuktopus is a very large hybrid of a Yak, an octopus, garbage, and a bagpipe. He attacks using his octopus tentacle, his bagpipe (which plays very off-tune notes) and a large laser on his arm. Yuktopus can be jacked and can be used to destroy the supports Cortex is standing on during the boss battle.

Type: Titan


Fodder are a type of titan that cannot be jacked, and are basic enemies in the game.

Brat Girl[]

The Brat Girls are small dog-like fodder that Nina orders to guard the Doominator. They act like similarly to stereotypical American teenage girls, discussing things such as Myspace, and wear school uniforms.

Doom Monkey[]

Doom Monkeys are N. Gin's personal assistants who have rockets in their heads similarly to his. They are portrayed as being very hyperactive, getting very excited when Crash comes near.


Koo-alas are blue koalas that are used for construction. They have a stereotypical Redneck accent and carry drinks which cause them to burp often.


Ratnicians are rat-like creatures that are dressed in scientist robs and carry around beakers filled with an unknown substance. They guard Aku Aku in the first episode, and remain until episode 4.

Voodoo Bunny[]

Voodoo Bunnies are rabbit-like creatures that wear tiki masks and carry spears. They seem to be interested in carrots and eating Crash. Aku Aku worns Crash in their profile not to give them carrots past midnight.