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TinyWarz is an online computer game released on 11 August 2005 (with a previous beta release on 12 June 2005), and developed by MobRuleStudios; its server is hosted in Dallas in the United States.[1] The game is similar to M.U.L.E., MechWarriors, and the Command and Conquer series; giving players the ability to decide in democratic style how the game gets changed.


A beta release of TinyWarz was released on 12 June 2005, with the official launch taking place on 11 August 2005. On 6 March 2006 a new alien race was added to the game, and on 25 August 2006 the Battle Tactics expansion was released, adding 21 new vehicles, 44 vehicle mods, and 10 buildings. The expansion emphasised fast-paced combat, new techniques and tactics, and improved base defense; it also introduced Actis modifications which bestow the player with advantages in combat.

TinyWarz received several enhancements and addons over the course of 2006 and 2007, and on 26 January 2008, TinyWarz 2.0 was launched.[2] On 12 April 2008, the game was featured on the Power of Information radio broadcast.[3] Alternate internet browser support is enhanced, with Google chrome gaining support in 6 September 2008; followed by the introduction of Clones to the game on 10 September 2008.

Several more updates were added in 2009, including the Shadow Wars Strux set released on 19 January 2009; incorporating cloaking into the game.[4][5] During the time between 18 March to 6 April 2010, major updates were applied to vehicles and modifications designed to balance the game and change gameplay. On 19 April 2010 the game was given sound, and the next day it was integrated with Facebook.


TinyWarz is a free massively multiplayer, turn based and time-limited (1 minute), online strategy game where players battle other players as well as computer controlled bandits for control of planets.[6] TinyWarz is accessible from a web browser,[7] but performance can be improved by downloading graphics to a local computer.

The games central focus is on combat in a persistent world; players utilize vehicles and trained crew to fight, with winners taking opponents losses. Combat occurs in different ways; either player vs player, or planet-wide battles with large collections of vehicles, buildings, and aliens.[8] The game also includes a factional aspect, allowing for in-game alliances. Players modify armies to fit a strategy, with unlock-able tactics through the use of hired crews and commander abilities.

The game allows for nearly limitless customization, with over 100 vehicles and 150 modifications and bases, and 50 different buildings. Players choose their style of play, and customize their commander with 50 different skills and abilities. TinyWarz lets players create armies with over 10 billion vehicle and modification combinations.

The game makes use of a player-run economy; items are all built and sold by players, allowing them to make money for trading. The game includes in-game chat in instant messaging, as well as player feedback. Gameplay can also be tracked without logging in, using a Google Gadget.[9][10]


TinyWarz was featured on as Game-of-the-Week[11]


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