Tianna Moore
First appearance The Lost One
Last appearance The Becoming
Created by Lynne Ewing
Species Goddess
Gender female
Title Daughter of the Moon
Occupation Student
Family Mr. Moore (Adoptive father) (deceased)
Mrs. Moore (Adopitve mother) (deceased)
Jamie Moore (Adopitve sister) (deceased)
Spouse Derek (ex)

Tianna Moore is a fictional character in the series of books called Daughters of the Moon which was created by author Lynne Ewing. She stars in the books The Lost One and The Becoming.

Early life[]

Tianna was created by the Atrox which she found out years later when she was 15. She was born without a soul and destined to carry the Atrox's child. Selene, the moon goddess, kidnapped her and gave her to a Daughter who had asked for the change. That Daughters challenge was to raise Tianna and Selene gave her moon dew to give to Tianna so she could have a soul. The Daughter succeeded and Tianna became human.

When she was 6, Followers came into Tianna's home and killed her parents and little sister Jamie to prevent a future event from happening. Tianna escaped before they could get to her. After her families death, she traveled from foster home to foster home running away from the Followers who killed her family.

Life as a Daughter[]

In a result from running away from the Followers, she lost her memory after an encounter. She discovered her power again and she knew that she had to save someone before the dark of the moon. She searches for clues of who she is and discovers the foster home she is recently at. Her foster mother, Mary, and foster brother, Todd, and foster sister, Shannon, tell her about the Followers and Tianna leaves again so they wouldn't catch her. The other Daughters, Vanessa Cleveland, Serena Killingsworth, and Jimena Castillo confront her later and tell her about Catty being trapped in Nefandus after Tianna and Derek, a boy that likes her and just got done saving, escape from the Followers. After telling her who they are, Tianna takes them to the other realm but comes out by herself. her and Derek are captured again and she tells Derek everything. She goes back to the other realm and get all of the Daughters out.

After they all escape, they go to Maggie's home and Maggie tells Tianna that Selene has chosen to make Tianna a Daughter after helping the others. Tianna goes back to her foster home happy to belong somewhere. Her and Catty become best friends.

In The Choice, Tianna finds the scroll and unknowingly under mind control of a sorcerer, almost frees the Atrox and nearly causes the end of the world but Jimena stops her.

In The Becoming, she discovers who she really is after visiting Jimena and the Daughters capture and save Derek, who had broken up with her, from the Atrox's control. She tries to run away but keeps returning to L.A. Stanton brings her a sword that can bind the Atrox to its shadow like Maggie did 2,000 years ago before she calls on the Atrox to try and save the Daughters.

The Atrox tells her that he created her to destroy and become the mother of his son. Tianna fights his mind control and binds him to his shadow once again. The Atrox tries to take Tianna's soul but before he could, Selene did.

Tianna had 2 destinies though. One from the Atrox and one from good with the help of Selene and her mother.


Physical appearance[]

Tianna has been described as having long, straight black hair and dark brown eyes. She is inhumanly beautiful, athletic, and tan. Her choice of clothing style is b-girl and if she dresses up or not, she has been described to look very beautiful no matter what. She has a belly button pierce.

Personality traits & interests[]

Tianna is very stubborn and doesn't really listen to other people when it comes to her skateboard. She takes chances and believes she can handle anything. She is good at all sports yet prefers her skateboard. She is a good dancer and is sometimes misunderstood by her actions towards guys because of her looks.


Her gift was telekinesis even thought it is later revealed that she might have used the energy to go back and forth to Nefandus to move things also. Her power is stronger than the other Daughters. She has even knocked down a building and stopped a car from speeding off.