The Thor is a powerful OmniMech employed by the fictional pseudo-tribal groups known as the Clans in the BattleTech Universe. The Thor weighs 70 tons and is a favorite mech of Clan Jade Falcon, due to its quick-strike abilities.


Primary Variant[]

The Primary variant of the Thor is called the Summoner by the Clans. If fighting at close range, the Thor can beat most 'mechs in the Battletech Universe. In the computer game Mechcommander, the Thor is perhaps the most versatile mech in the game, one that is plentiful in the later missions. MechCommander's Primary configuration of the Thor (seen in a slightly altered version in Mechwarrior 2) mounts

  • 1 Clan Heavy Ultra Autocannon,
  • 1 or 2 Clan Ultra Autocannons,
  • Clan Streak SRM packs,
  • and generally 2-4 Clan ER Lasers,

Jump Jets are common in this variant. This Primary Configuration has an extremely powerful short range punch, effectively making it a more powerful version of the Hunchback IIC.

Secondary Variants[]

In MechWarrior 2: 31st Century Combat, the later variants of the Thor, particularly the C & D versions, mounted weapons more akin to those of the Timber Wolf.


The staple weapons for the Thor C in Mechwarrior 2 are:

  • LRM 10,
  • Clan ERPPC, and
  • Large Pulse Laser or a similar weapon.

In The Battletech TCG the staple weapons were:

  • Clan Ultra AC/20,
  • 6 Clan Streak SRMS,
  • Clan ER Large Laser

Perhaps the only limit put on the Thor's combat capabilities is that of its somewhat substandard starting armor. This is particularly apparent in Mechcommander missions that had Clan 'mechs mounting Clan ERPPCs, which destroyed the Thor with some ease.


The Thor D was something of a strange design to say the least, mounting an AMS in its later forms, and several powerful laser weapons. The Thor D is the black sheep of the non-user-defined variants.

Its primary weapons as per the TCG were/are:

  • 2xClan ER Large Laser
  • 2xClan ER Medium Laser

With secondary weapons being:

  • 2xMachine Guns
  • 2xClan AMS

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