The AC Transit Bus fight was a fight involving a man who claimed to be 67 years old[1] which took place on Monday, February 15, 2010 close to 3 P.M. local time[2] in Oakland, California. The man engaged in a violent beating of another man on an Oakland AC Transit Bus.[3][4] The man, who was white and is seen wearing a t-shirt that reads "Tom Slick" on the front and "I am a Motherfucker" on the back, and an unidentified black male exchange words before the white man is seen leaving the back of the bus and moving to a seat in the front. The verbal sparring continues however and the black male proceeds to move to the front of the bus to confront the white male. Riders on the bus encourage the black male to "beat his white ass" as he grabs for the seated white man. The white male then stands and throws seven or eight quick blows to the man's face and head, leaving the man bloodied and with a broken nose. The white male then yells that he was acting in self-defense and tells the man that he warned him not mess with him.

On February 17, 2010 Iyanna Washington, the lady that filmed the bus fight video, posted her response on YouTube as to what occured and refutes charges that she stole the white male's bag after the altercation.[5]

The posted video on YouTube soon went "viral" and was seen by millions of people around the world on various blogs and websites.[6][7] The event raised concerns following a number of previous incidents involving violence on the public transport system in Oakland.[8]