The Sender is a science fiction film.


The movie opens to a scene of VietNam-era American fighter planes making a routine scouting run through the Bermuda Triangle. Their run is interrupted by a UFO; all fighters except Jack Grayson make it out safe and sound. Thirty years later his son Dallas Grayson is also a military pilot and is still trying to find out how and why his father died, the remaining squadron pilots having declined to tell their superiors about the UFO in favor of keeping their jobs. As a widower he is raising his daughter Lisa on his own. Lisa has been in treatment for cancer and keeps telling people about her visiting 'angel', presumed to be the memory of her dead mother by her father and hospital staff. While home on break from the hospital, it is revealed that her angel is an actual E.T., and that she has not only been visiting Lisa to teach her about a power they both share ('sending' people and items across distances), but has been assisting her healing from the disease. The visit is cut short by commando troops from a black ops command center that had become aware of the sender gene in her family and wanted not only to capture the trainable little girl but the E.T. as well. Dallas is knocked out, Lisa kidnapped, and the house laced with explosives. After Dallas survives the explosion and sets off in search of his daughter, he is joined by Angel who explains who she is and why the black ops team wanted his daughter enough to try and kill him for her. They go to her ship to use the technology needed to search for Lisa, and end up getting shot down after a failed attempt to reclaim her. Dallas is able to enlist the help of an old friend (Ron Fairfax) to find the facility in Area 51.


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