The Postal Dude Jr.
Game series Postal (computer game)
First game Postal (1997)
Created by Vince Desiderio
Voiced by Rick Hunter[1]

The Postal Dude Jr. also known as Postal Dude is the main character in the video game series Postal along with the upcoming movie Postal (film). Due to his violent nature, Postal Dude is regarded as one of the most controversial video game characters.[2] In the games he was voiced by voice actor Rick Hunter and Zack Ward will play the character in the movie.


The Postal Dude Jr. lives in the small town of Paradise, Arizona and lives with his wife who is only known as Postal Dude's Bitch. Vince Desi, head of Postal creators Running With Scissors indicated in an interview that the character's actions are completely down to the player. There is the option of non violence if the player chooses. The character's personality is such that if the player chooses to play the video game violently, it's appropriate.[3] In the story, Postal Dude resides in a trailer next to an entrance to the Tora Bora caves. Postal Dude was portrayed as being employed with Running With Scissors, Inc. before getting fired on Monday for reasons unknown. The game has the character engage in politics as he has gone out and voted and passed a petition around town.

Postal Dudes family mostly makes up of Postal Dude's Bitch and his Uncle Dave who has a compound outside of Paradise. His father is The Postal Dude Sr. who is dead and buried but visiting his grave is a task in Postal 2.

The Postal Dude is a Roman Catholic. On the Tuesday level of Postal 2, one of the dudes tasks is to confess his sins at church. He makes his confession at the Cathedral only for it to be over run by Al Qaeda. The next day when Postal Dude goes visits his dad he has to pass through the church.


When designing the game Postal in 1995, Art Director Randy Briley designed Postal Dude as a dark, brooding character to match the design style of the game. It was intended from the start that the character had no back story at all so to give the player the ability to impose whatever back story or personality onto the character they desired.[4]

Postal 2 was released in 2003 as a fully 3D first person shooter. The increased graphics capability allowed for Postal Dude to be presented in more detail. The final design for the character was completed in 2001 by art director Josh Leichliter. Another difference from the first game in the series is that Postal Dude spoke. He is voiced by Rick Hunter. Hunter returned for the expansion pack Apocalypse Weekend which was released in 2005 and included some small redesigns of Postal Dude.[4]

The Postal Dude returns as the main character in Postal III where the character has moved to a new town. Vince Desi describes the character as "like Clint Eastwood," in that he wants to mind his own business but people won't leave him alone.[5]

Film depiction[]

Zack Ward is portraying Postal Dude in Postal. Ward describes the character as somebody who just wanted to be liked and accepted. Ward said that he did not base his performance as Postal Dude on the video game renditions as he never played them, but on the script.[6]


In 2006 after the shooting in a college by Kimveer Gill in Canada, Postal Dude was singled out as a character Gill identified with. In his blog Gill expressed admiration for Postal Dude, saying that "Postal dude was sad before he became angry and psychotic, that's the part we're never seen in the game. He was normal, but the world made him the way he became,". Postal 2 was singled out as one of Gill's favourite games.[7]


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