The Philippines has been featured in different movies and television shows from the United States. Here is a list of some of them:


  • The film Surviving Evil was set on the Philippines and focuses in the Philippine folklore Aswang.
  • The Great Raid, a 2005 film, is set in a prisoner-of-war camp in Cabanatuan, Philippines into the end of the Second World War.
  • The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou, a 2004 film by Wes Anderson, featured Filipino-speaking pirates.
  • Man on the Moon, a 1999 biofilm starring Jim Carrey, depicts the treatment sought by the terminally-ill comedian Andy Kauffman from a Filipino faith healer.
  • Legacy (1998 film starring David Hasselhoff and Donita Rose)
  • Goodbye America (A 1997 film about the closing of the Subic Bay naval base in the Philippines)
  • An Officer and a Gentleman featured Richard Gere's character moving to the Philippines to be with his father and growing up at the Subic Bay Naval Base in Olongapo City.
  • Operation Petticoat, a 1959 film starring Cary Grant, about a World War 2 submarine that gets stranded in a far-flung Philippine island.
  • Jungle Holocaust was set in Mindanao and focuses on the cannibalism of tribes.
  • Huk, a 1956 film about a plantation owner fighting off native insurrectionists.
  • Back to Bataan, a 1945 film starring John Wayne, depicted the Battle of Bataan.
  • They Were Expendable, another 1945 film starring John Wayne and Donna Reed.
  • The Philippines has often attracted Vietnam War film makers. Each of the following films: Apocalypse Now, Platoon, Born on the Fourth of July, I Come with the Rain, Hamburger Hill, and the Missing in Action series was almost entirely shot in the country.
  • The blaxploitation films Black Mama, White Mama, Savage were filmed in the Philippines.
  • Brokedown Palace was filmed in the Philippines although the film was set in Thailand.


  • American Idol Season 7 (2008) Contestant Ramiele Malubay (9th) mentioned her Filipino roots
  • American Idol Season 3 (2004) Contestants Jasmine Trias (3rd) and Camile Velasco (9th) also mentioned their Filipino roots and upbringing.
  • The Amazing Race 5 (Filming location includes Coconut Palace, Luneta Park, and El Nido, Palawan)
  • Deal or no Deal USA featured the Philippine version's set as one of their taping location for their special series, Deal or No Deal Around The World.
  • A Dangerous Life (A six-hour mini-series originally aired on HBO in 1988 (later edited down as a television movie) is about the 1986 Philippine revolution).
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