The Meteor Shower Trilogy is a series of 3 episodes of the comedy show, South Park. Each episode takes place on the same night, during which Mr. Mackey hosts a Meteor Shower party. The first episode in the series, Cat Orgy, revolves around Cartman. The second episode, Two Guys Naked in a Hot Tub, revolves around Stan. The third episode, Jewbilee, revolves around Kyle and Kenny.


Cat Orgy[]

On the night of a meteor shower, Mrs. Cartman goes to Mr. Mackey's party, leaving Cartman in the care of Stan's 12 year old sister, Shelley, who is incredibly violent. While babysitting, she invites her 22-year-old boyfriend, Skyler, over, who in turn invites his band, The Lords of the Underworld. Cartman, dressed up as Will Smith's version of Jim West from Wild Wild West, is in his room, trying to get a letter to his mom by sending out his cat, Kitty. Kitty, however, is in heat, and goes out in search of a tom. After an unsuccessful attempt with an overweight tom, she winds up seducing a large group of cats, and invites them back to Cartman's house and cracks open catnip.

Back at home, Cartman takes a picture of Shelly and Skyler about to kiss, Shelly however finds the picture with the cat and takes it. During the meteor shower Skyler gets mad at Shelly because she won't put out because she is 12 years old. Cartman taped everything and is about to get Shelley in trouble, but instead comes to pity her when Skyler, angry that Shelley won't "put out" for him, breaks up with her.

Cartman and Shelley team up for revenge, and sneak into the woods near where Skyler lives. Cartman manages to entice Skyler out of his house with a taping of his Salma Hayek impersonation while Shelley sneaks in and destroys his prized guitar. They return home to find Kitty and many other cats engaged in a massive feline orgy. Skyler shows up, furious, but Cartman throws a box of catnip at Skyler, which attracts the clowder of cats, who attack and rape him. Mrs. Cartman returns home. Shelley and Cartman blame it on each other but, fortunately for them, Liane is very drunk and passes out without noticing the mess. Shelley, amazed that they made it out of the situation unscathed, celebrates by dancing with Eric.

Two Guys Naked in a Hot Tub[]

After dropping Shelley off at Cartman's home, the Marshes and Stan are off to a party at the home of School Counsellor Mr. Mackey. Stan is upset that he has to go and becomes even more angered when he is locked in a room with nerdy "Melvin" classmates that he does not like: Pip, Butters, and Dougie.

While Stan refuses to play with the other children, Pip discovers women's clothing and the three begin to play Charlie's Angels. Stan, unenthusiastic to participate, plays Bosley as he gives the trio missions to keep them occupied. Stan tells them to find a way to get out of the basement, and find a comfortable place with a TV. They do this which surprises Stan, and when they get up stairs, Stan tells them to get chocolate chip cookies and a television. After they do this, Stan tells them that there are no more missions because he has everything he wanted.

Upstairs, Mr. Mackey gives the Broflovskis and Marshes a tour of his home and leads them out to the hot tub, which was installed just recently. The wives leave Randy and Gerald outside in the hot tub, who declare the present evening to be a night of experimenting. The two talk about threesomes and engage in mutual masturbation. This leads to awkwardness after Randy questions his sexuality.

The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives thinks that the party inside is a suicide cult, and that at the start of the meteor shower, they will kill themselves. The ATF panics and attempts various possible solutions to prevent what might happen. The ATF proceeds to kill a couple who leave the party, despite the couple cooperating and obeying orders to not move. Afterwards, the ATF continues to make outrageous claims; that the ATF were forced to fire after the couple pulled out guns, and that the adults at the party will kill their children as well. Soon, Stan and the Melvins discover what is happening outside. They try to talk to the ATF, but they are all shot at like everyone else who left the house. The ATF then proceed to playing what they see as terrible music (Cher's new album) only to cut to Mr. Mackey playing the same music on his own stereo system, to the delight of the partygoers. Stan and the Melvins then make a tape and send it to the ATF outside via Butters, but not before the ATF kills more people. The ATF realize their mistake, but not before "The Negotiator" fires, destroying every house except the one in which the party is taking place. The ATF then flees after their leader suddenly claims that the whole operation was a training exercise, to cover up their actions.

Inside, Randy is extremely uncomfortable being around Gerald, who is concerned about Randy's behavior. When Randy finally admits to the entire party that he and Gerald engaged in group masturbation, he is relieved upon discovering that he's not the only one to have masturbated in front of a person of the same sex. Outside, the boys rejoice their triumph of saving the day and Stan realizes that the Melvins are just normal kids like him. All is forgotten, however, when Kyle returns from Jewbilee camp and Stan goes back to his old ways, telling Kyle that he had to "spend the evening with these friggin' Melvins".


Sheila and Gerald Broflovski are getting ready to go to Mr. Mackey's meteor shower party. Kyle and his brother Ike are preparing to go to Jewbilee camp: a Boy Scout-esque camp for Jewish boys. When Kenny arrives at Kyle's house to hang out, Kyle invites him to go with him to Jewbilee, so it won't "suck so much". But Kyle's parents explains to Kenny that because he is not Jewish he might not be accepted at Jewbilee. Kyle tells his parents that "Kenny will believe whatever you want him to believe" and ask his parents if they can take Kenny with them. They then grant Kenny permission and explain to him the basic tenets of Judaism on the car ride to Jewbilee. After dropping the boys off at Jewbilee, Sheila tells the boys to have fun, and advises Kenny to "act Jewish". She and Gerald then leave for Mr. Mackey's party.

Kenny then becomes initiated, despite not being Jewish. Meanwhile, Ike is assigned to go with the other tots to the Squirts camp, which is a Cub Scout-esque camp. After the initiation ceremonies, the boys make soap sculptures to honor their prophet Moses who demands arts-and-crafts-like things, including Macaroni sculptures that the Squirts were supposed to make, and Popcorn necklaces. Kenny is then identified as not being Jewish and is banished from the camp. As he tries to reach home, the ATF and a couple of police cars are seen driving by, heading to Mr. Mackey's house, where they think a cult is residing. He then returns to the camp to which Garth, the elder of the Anti-Semitic Jews has captured Moses in a conch shell and has locked everyone else in a cabin at gunpoint while he tries to summon Haman to be the new leader.

Meanwhile, the Squirts master, Shlomo, wants to capture the bear the Broflovskis saw earlier in the episode, but only so he can get his chutzpah badge and therefore become a Scouts master instead of Squirts. One by one, the bear kidnaps the Squirts and Shlomo continues to devise plans that ultimately fail. Soon, the bear captures all the Squirts and Shlomo has to go to the Warden, but is shot in the shoulder by Garth, when he tries to release Moses from the conch shell in which he is trapped. Kenny gets captured by the bear only to find that the bear wasn't killing the Squirts but was finding friends for her bear cub, who was celebrating its birthday. Kenny gets the Squirts and they make their way back to Shlomo and they head back to camp to find everyone else in trouble. The Squirts stand on top of one another to reach the keys and unlock everyone from the cabin, as Kenny saves the day by smashing his head against the conch shell to free Moses, and Haman is defeated. Moses then kills Garth, and as everyone discovers Kenny died smashing open the conch shell, Moses declares that they (the Jews) shall meet every year on that day to celebrate Kenny by making macaroni pictures and paper plate bean shakers decorated with glue and glitter.

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