The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen is an ongoing graphic novel series written by Alan Moore and illustrated by Kevin O'Neill. The primary commentator on the League of Extraordinary Gentlemen series (hereto after LoEG), is Jess Nevins, whose published works are considered the most complete annotations of all the various literary references made by this series.

Nineteenth century[]


  • 1898, May[citation needed] – Wilhelmina Murray and Captain Nemo set out from the cliffs of Dover in the Nautilus to travel to Egypt to recruit Allan Quatermain into their League.[citation needed]
  • 1898, Early-Mid June – Wilhelmina Murray and Captain Nemo arrive in Cairo, Egypt, where they, with some minor difficulty, recruit and detoxify Allan Quatermain, who has become a pathetic opium addict in his later years.[citation needed]
  • 1898, June 27–28[citation needed] – The three of them (Mina, Allan, Nemo) arrive in Paris, France, where they, with the help of the aged C. Auguste Dupin, capture Mr. Edward Hyde (as well as his alter-ego Dr. Henry Jekyll), and return to England.
  • 1898, Early July[citation needed] – A unified coalition of Martian armies under the command of John Carter, of Virginia, and Gullivar Jones, of the United States Navy, make one final attack on the last stronghold of the alien creatures which have plagued Mars for some time, creatures they call the Molluscs. The siege is successful only by using the combined strength of all the significant armies of Mars, including the giantish Sorns. Unfortunately, the Molluscs manage to escape in several cylinder shaped refugee ships bound for Earth..[citation needed] Carter and Jones find the twin of the Crystal Egg in the Molluscs’ abandoned stronghold, and through it can see the interior of Sherlock Holmes' flat, the bust he keeps by the window and the street opposite.[citation needed]The launch of these craft are seen on Earth, and believed to be volcanic eruptions, and are reported as such in the London papers.[citation needed]
  • 1898, July 3[citation needed] – Wilhelmina Murray, Allan Quatermain, and Nemo arrive in Edmonton, London, at Miss Rosa Coote's Correctional Academy for Wayward Gentlewomen, where they capture Hawley Griffin, the Invisible Man, who has been raping the schoolgirls of the academy and produced at least three illegitimate children.
  • 1898, July 5[citation needed] – The three official League members arrive at what will become their base of operation, the Secret Annexe of the British Museum in Bloomsbury, London, where they officially induct Hyde, Jekyll, and Hawley Griffin into their League.
  • 1898, c. July 6-August[citation needed] 4 – The League make inquiries as to the location of the Devil Doctor, the "Lord of Limehouse" in London, reconnoitring back at the Nautilus (which has dropped anchor in the Thames River in Wapping, London) that evening, which has become their lodging in London. Through infiltration, sabotage, subterfuge, suspicion, quick thinking, and violence the League manage to survive the first London "Air War", which is waged between London's leading criminal factions: Professor James Moriarty controlling London's West End and the Devil Doctor controlling London's East End. Both faction leaders are presumed dead. Mycroft Holmes assumes control of British Intelligence
  • 1898, August 5The Molluscs, falsely called Martians by the public of Earth, land in Horsell, in the South of England, in the early morning. The League, under Wilhelmina Murray, is dispatched to investigate, and witness the onset of "Martian" aggression.
  • 1898, Saturday[citation needed] August 6 – British artillery and infantry regiments guarding the Horsell Commons crater are vaporized by "Martian" heat rays. Murray Group pull back to London and their British Museum base. Map with British Artillery positions stolen.
  • 1898, Sunday, August 7[citation needed]The War of the Worlds has reached just south of London, where Captain Nemo and Mr. Hyde, in the Nautilus take part in fighting along the locks connecting to the River Thames, defending London from its inevitable siege. Meanwhile Wilhelmina Murray and Allan Quatermain arrive in Wildwood,[citation needed] in England's South Downs, to seek out a secret British research installation run by the eccentric scientist Dr. Alphonse Moreau.
  • 1898, Monday, August 8 – "Martians" clog the Thames with red weed.[citation needed] Allan Quatermain and Wilhelmina Murray found copulating in the woods by Rupert the Bear.[citation needed] Hawley Griffin, the Invisible Man, answers for his crimes against England and Humanity with his life. Murray and Quatermain have meeting with Dr. Alphonse Moreau and his Animen.[citation needed]
  • 1898, August 9 – Final victory over the "Martians" in the Battle of South London. Citing moral issues, Captain Nemo resigns from the League and returns to his family on Lincoln Island. Edward Hyde turns the tide of the battle, but does not survive to see final victory. Martians die of the "common cold."[citation needed]
  • 1898, August 12Aeronaut Jean Robur writes a letter to Luftkapitan Mors, describing the events of the last two weeks.[citation needed]
  • 1898, September 30[citation needed] – Wilhelmina Murray's League officially dissolved.
  • 1898, c. October 2 through 1899, JulyWilhelmina spends some months in the matriarchal settlement of Coradine, in Scotland, in order to recuperate from the "Martian" invasion.
  • 1899, July 7 – Wilhelmina, in response to a letter from Quatermain, writes that a visit from him to Coradine would not only be permissible, but, to Mina, very welcome, as she has become quite bored with the women of the all female community.[citation needed]
  • 1899, c. July-September 7 – Wilhelmina Murray and Allan Quatermain, once again in the employ of British Intelligence, are sent to Massachusetts to investigate the bizarre and dreamlike apparitions reportedly seen there. The two of them make acquaintance with Randolph Carter, who has been researching the realm of dreams, and has been investigating along similar lines.[citation needed]
  • 1899, September 8 – Allan Quatermain writes to Campion Bond that they are returning to England from Massachusetts.[citation needed]
  • 1899, Late – Serpentine Park renamed Hyde Park after the events of 1898,[citation needed] and a statue of Edward Hyde, by Jacob Epstein,[citation needed] erected in Hyde's honour. Allan Quatermain and Wilhelmina Murray return to England from America and begin the investigation of the United Avondale Phalanstery. The investigation occupies them until Mid-August 1900.[citation needed]
  • 1900, Mid-August[citation needed]Wilhelmina Murray and Allan Quatermain go on assignment to Africa in search of the City of Kôr and the Pool of Fire and Life, which grants youth and immortality. On the sea trip to Africa, Wilhelmina records several interesting, though previously explored, islands that the ship passes.
  • 1900, December 24 – Wilhelmina Murray writes that they've located Kôr in the "British Protectorate of Uganda" on the Fantippoan Postmaster General's "detailed map of Africa."[citation needed]

Twentieth century[]


  • 1901, January 8 – Wilhelmina Murray and Allan Quatermain trek southeast from the Kingdom of Fantippo, in Africa, to Uganda and the hidden city of Kôr, passing several interesting kingdoms and lands as they go, and finding the Fire of Life as well as a "stone etched map of Abyssinia... by the crater pool."[citation needed]
  • 1901 – The difficulties encountered in the effort to rebuild London after the Martian Invasion of 1898, and also the strain of returning to full military strength, is cited as one of the primary reasons England loses the Boer War. The Airship Wars[citation needed] break out between the German Empire and the United States, and quickly spreads throughout Europe – devastating London and other major cities. The English lunar expedition, delayed in 1898 from its original goal of reaching the moon by November 1900,[citation needed] succeeds travelling to and annexing the moon. Selwyn Cavor does not survive the journey, and a monument is dedicated to him in St. James Park.[citation needed] Wilhelmina Murray and Allan Quatermain find Kôr in Africa and bathe in the Pool of Fire and Life, making both of them immortal and rejuvenating Allan to a younger age. To conceal his mystical age change and prevent British Intelligence from finding out about the fire's regenerative abilities, they claim nothing had happened and Allan died of exposure later on, claiming the rejuvenated hunter to be his son, Allan Quatermain, Jr..[citation needed] Rumours of Sherlock Holmes's continued existence circulate, though nothing is at this time substantiated.[citation needed] The beginning of the crime spree of the super-criminal known as Fantômas. Fantômas will continue to plague authorities for at least the next four decades.
  • 1901, July[citation needed] – Wilhelmina Murray and Allan Quatermain, Junior, return to England.[citation needed]
  • 1901, Late[citation needed] – Mina visits the Dr. Reverend Eric Bellman,[citation needed] the last survivor of the Bellman Expedition, and obtains a map to Snark Island for British Intelligence.[citation needed] Wilhelmina also makes inquiries regarding Winton Pond[citation needed] and its small island of East Anglia.[citation needed]
  • 1902Sherlock Holmes publicly announces his survival of the events of 1894.[citation needed] Allan Quatermain Junior, and Wilhelmina Murray travel to Ireland[citation needed] as part of their two-year investigation of dimensional weak points throughout the British Isles.
  • 1902, February – In May 1898 this was the projected completion date of the Channel Causeway, stretching from the Cliffs of Dover to France.[citation needed]
  • 1904 – Whilst honeymooning in Cairo, Oliver Haddo comes into contact with the demon-goddess Smarra, who bids him write down the Liber Logos (or Book of the Word) over a period of three days. Shortly thereafter, he leaves the Order of the Golden Twilight or 'Geltische Dammerung,' and forms his own 'Ordo Templi Terra,' or Order of the Temple of Earth.[citation needed]
  • 1904, Early May[citation needed] – Wilhelmina Murray travels to Sussex to investigate the mysterious "Wish House"[citation needed]and the strange case of the Starkadder Apparition near Smalldene[citation needed]. Also, Mina meets an elderly man who keeps bees in Fulworth,[1] Sussex, (a retired Sherlock Holmes).[citation needed] Aeronaut Jean Robur is presumed dead after the events of his lake Eerie shenanigans.
  • 1905Doctor Omega and colleagues travel to Mars and bring back the Martian Tiziraou, a dwarfish, pumpkin-headed creature with tentacle-like arms.[citation needed] Tiziraou is later spotted in the Paris sewers.[citation needed] Wilhelmina Murray and Allan Quatermain Jr.'s investigation of strange phenomenon around the British Isles comes to a close.[citation needed]
  • 1906, March[citation needed]-September – Wilhelmina Murray and Allan Quatermain, Junior, are deployed to Asia, with primary emphasis on strengthening diplomatic relations between Russia and England for the upcoming Anglo-Russian Convention.[citation needed] The two research many interesting lands throughout China, Persia and Russia. Notably, the city of Shangri-La in Tibet.[citation needed]
  • 1906, September 5[citation needed] – Wilhelmina Murray writes a letter to London from Shangri-La reporting that she and Allan Jr. have met Orlando and that the three of them are heading toward Moscow, and that they should arrive there before the end of the year.
  • 1906, Late – Second Murray League is ordered to leave Moscow for the port of Tiksi, and thereby return to England via a trans-polar investigation through the Arctic Ocean.[citation needed]
  • 1906, December 25 – Second Murray League are still travelling by coach to Tiksi at this time.[citation needed]
  • 1906, December 27 – Second Murray League depart Tiksi aboard the rented ice-breaker The Joseph, under the captainship of Rudolf Svejk, bound for the Chukchi Sea.[citation needed]
  • 1906, December 28 – Second Murray League, Wilhelmina Murray, Allan Junior and Orlando, arrive in the Chukchi Sea and pass by Elisee Reclus Island.[citation needed]
  • 1906, December c. 30 – Second Murray League turn northwest and pass by Vichenbolk Land.[citation needed]
  • 1907, January 1 – Second Murray League have encounter with two giant, cultured, dinosaurian inhabitants from the subterranean North Pole Kingdom.[2] Thule, and Hyperborea.[citation needed]
  • 1907, January 7 – Second Murray League's ice breaker The Joseph finds itself unable to sail farther north, due to heavy ice.[citation needed]
  • 1907, January 8 to March 19, or thereabouts – Second Murray League heads out on foot into the Back of the North Wind, freakishly warm for being so far north. This group spends what, subjectively, seems like three days, but is actually closer to three months, in the Back of the North Wind, and encounter such peoples and places as Frankenstein's Creature, Olympia, Toyland, a "forlorn and sorry chap" who lacks identification, and Noddy, and are made aware of a "bold, fearless black balloonist", before leaving.[citation needed]
  • 1907, March 10 – Wilhelmina posts a letter to England reporting that they are the guests of Queen Olympia in Toyland.[citation needed]
  • 1907, March 25 – Second Murray League arrives in Blazing Worlds Archipelago, on their way back to the British Isles.[citation needed]
  • 1907, April[citation needed] – Murray, Quatermain and Orlando return to Great Britain.
  • 1908 – Mr. Campion Bond publishes his memoirs, Memoirs of an English Intelligencer.[citation needed]L'Homme Qui Peut Vivre dans l'Eau or The Man Who Could Live Underwater by Jean de La Hire</ref> Oliver Haddo barely escapes a disastrous fire at his Stapfordshire estate,[3] the world believes him dead.[4] Haddo is actually living under the name "Dr. Karswell Trelawney."[5]
  • 1908, April – The Channel Causeway, a bridge between the Dover Cliffs and France, is completed.[6]
  • c. 1909 – It is sometime this year, British Intelligence speculates, that the League clone "Die Zwielichthelden" was formed. Its members, based in Berlin's Metropolis, include the criminal genius Dr. Mabuse, the homicidal mesmerist Dr. Caligari, engineer Dr. Rotwang and his female automaton, the Maschinenmensch.[7] The first reports of a mysterious French "supernatural detective" calling himself the "Sâr Dubnotal".[8] The Second Murray Group is completed with the additions of Thomas Carnacki and Arthur James Raffles.
  • c. 1910 – Doctors Caligari and Mabuse, members of the German counterpart League, "Die Zweilicht-Helden", begin their campaign of misinformation against the English and French intelligence communities. Their goal is to embroil the two in conflict, leaving themselves (and Germany) free to further their ambitions without outside interference. This sets the stage for a future confrontation between the English and French leagues.[9]
  • 1910[10] The daughter of Captain Nemo, Janni, stows away aboard a passing ship, running away from her father and her home on Lincoln Island in defiance of her dying father's wish that she become his successor.
  • 1910[10] The Second Murray Group, acting on the visionary dreams of its member Thomas Carnacki, begin investigations into a secret doomsday cult somewhere in London. Janni, now styling herself Jenny Diver, arrives in London. Jack MacHeath returns to London after a near twenty-two year absence.
  • 1910, April 20–21 – is encountered by Mina Murray and Raffles at King's Cross.[11] Allan Quatermain Junior, Orlando and Carnacki break into Oliver Haddo's "Profess-House." The pirates of the Black Nautilus raid the London docks and "Pirate Jenny" leaves with them as their captain.
  • 1910, Late – Jenny Diver[12] starts adding to the Nautilus's logbook.[13] Professor George Edward Challenger makes an expedition to Peru, where he discovers something amazing.[14]


  • 1911[15] – The Caswell family fights the ancient entity the "White Worm", existent beneath their ancestral home of Castra Regis in Staffordshire.
  • 1911, Mid – Les Hommes Mysterieux assembled in response to reports of the activities of England and Germany's extraordinary teams.[7]
  • 1912Professor George Edward Challenger, sometime consultant to the League, makes a return expedition to South America, where he explores Maple White Land, where there be dinosaurs.[16] The Second Murray League visits Launcelot's tomb in Northumberland, for reasons that remain unexplained, before returning to London. Thereafter, Allan Junior and Mina travel across Europe on holiday, briefly investigating the Castle Dracula and Selene[17] before arriving at their destination, Evarchia, on the coast of the Black Sea. Meanwhile, in London, Thomas Carnacki encounters a spirit that gives him precognitive visions, portending the League's clash with Les Hommes Mysterieux in Paris and the onset of World War I. British Intelligence, swayed by artful propaganda disseminated by Die Zweilicht-Helden, supposes that France plans to provoke a world war with their Hommes Mysterieux.[18]
  • 1913, Early – The Second Murray League, consisting of Wilhelmina Murray, Allan Quatermain, Junior, Orlando, and A. J. Raffles travel to France, possibly via the agrarian republic of Calejava[19][20] on the Bay of Biscay. They intend to confront Les Hommes Mysterieux and thus prevent the horrific visions of world war seen by Carnacki, who remains in Britain, laid low by fever.[18]
  • 1913, February 23 – The Second Murray Group's first attempt to confront Les Hommes Mysterieux ends in disaster when their balloon assault on Jean Robur's airship is halted more than a half-mile distant by his airborne artillery.[18]
  • 1913, March 14 – Murray's League, having made their way to Paris after surviving their crash-landing in rural France, are lured to the Paris Opera by Les Hommes Mysterieux. The league's skirmish ends indecisively when the terrorist mastermind Fantômas remotely detonates a large cache of explosives sequestered in the former lair of the Phantom of the Opera, collapsing a portion of the above opera house. Though the explosion and subsequent collapse cause some 200 casualties, Orlando and Allan Junior survive and assist at digging bodies out of the rubble; Raffles and Mina, who were under the Opera House at the time, remain missing. Most of the French League's whereabouts remains unclear.[21]
  • 1913, March 15–17 – Wilhelmina Murray and Arthur Raffles are lost in the caverns below Paris, encountering the Graveyard of Unwritten Books and the Land of the Fattipuffs. Returning to the surface on the 17th.[22]
  • 1913, August 11 – Orlando posts a letter to Carnacki that they are returning home after the events at the Paris Opera.[23]
  • 1914, August 23–24 – At the Battle of Mons, Orlando, along with Edmund Blackadder and Private S. Baldric, witnesses Agincourt's phantom bowmen aiding the English soldiers.[24]
  • 1915 – Arthur Raffles dies in the Second Battle of Ypres.[22]
  • 1915, MayRichard Hannay, a British Military intelligence agent and associate of Allan and Mina's, returns to London from Rhodesia and is, via a call for help from a fellow spy, pulled inexorably into the "terribly cryptic"[25] Case of The Thirty Nine Steps.[26]
  • 1916, c. September – Jean Robur's airship shot down at the Battle of Somme, the Germans retaking air supremacy at this time in the battle.[22]


  • 1922, Summer – Orlando attends the wild parties of Jay Gatsby.[27]
  • 1925, March 23 – The crew of the schooner Emma, aboard the yacht Alert, commandeered from pirates, land on a small island raised from the sea off the coast of New Zealand, containing the city of R'lyeh. (One Survivor).[28]
  • c. 1925 – Orlando becomes one of the Bright Young People set, and consorts and parties with, among others, the set's leader, Agatha Runcible, Lord and Lady Greystoke and Bertie Wooster.[27]
  • 1926 – R'lyeh is discovered by British authorities.[3] The workers' riots in the Berlin Metropolis[7] take place, Professor C.A. Rotwang and his Maschinenmensch are the believed instigators, both possibly dying in the conflagration.
  • 1928[29] – In one of the League's few documented appearances in the late 1920s/early 1930s, Mina Murray, Allan Quatermain, Orlando, and Thomas Carnacki travel to Brinkley Court, Worcestershire, to put down a dangerous reformed cult. They are summoned by Jeeves, who was present with his master, Bertie Wooster. Jeeves was alerted to the presence of the cult when his master informed him the groundskeeper, Peabody, spoke at great lengths regarding the great "Cool Lulu", the reservation of "Riley", and the city of Yuggoth, which Wooster supposed was in Massachusetts. A body of an Elder Thing is later recovered from the scene, buried in the garden.[30]
  • 1930 – Scientific Expedition to the Black Lagoon. (No Survivors).[31]
  • 1930, MayNew Traveller's Almanac completed and is published by HM Stationary Office.[32] Apocrypha: This travel guide written by Alan "Squiffy" Moore (b. 1847), and his team at the private wing of the British Museum.[33]
  • 1930, September 2Miskatonic University's Pabodie Expedition to Antarctica of 1930–1931 sets out from Boston Harbor.


  • 1931 – The Miskatonic University Pabodie Expedition ends in disaster with a Professor Lake's party and their dogs being murdered during the night at their camp at the foot of Professor Lake's discovery, the Mountains of Madness. Strangely preserved frozen specimens, dubbed Elder Things by Mr. Danforth are also missing or otherwise buried in peculiar fashion. One man and most of the dog's bodies are never accounted for.
  • 1934, December – Count Zero menaces the Famous Five and co, including Billy Bunter, over the Christmas holiday in an effort to fund the Italian Invasion of Abyssinia.[34] Zero will continue to be a dangerous adversary of the Famous Five until at least well into 1946.[35]
  • 1934–1935 – Vull the Invisible has his most calibrated adventures.[36][37][38]
  • 1937 – The first "Jungle Robot", predecessor to the Robot Archie, is taken, by two young explorers, on an expedition to Africa (No Survivors). The Robot, or what is left of it, is later seen in the British Museum's Secret Annexe.[39]
  • 1937, Spring – Wilhelmina Murray, Allan Quatermain, Jr., and Orlando travel via submarine to Blazing World Archipelago.[40] Emma Night, daughter of Sir John Night, is born[41] It is around this time that Hugo Drummond begins working for his friend John Night breaking strikes and thwarting other acts of social activism.[42] At the time Night and Drummond were known as Johnny Bull and Bulldog, respectively. Drummond is made Emma's godfather.
  • 1937, Winter – Wilhelmina Murray and co return to England, handing in a possibly fabricated report regarding subterranean exploits in the North of England, known for subterranean sites of interest to British Intelligence.[6]
  • 1939 – Ruthless Tomanian dictator Adenoid Hynkel starts World War II with an invasion of Österlich.[43]


  • 1941 – Wilhelmina Murray and Allan Quatermain, Junior, return to London after dynamiting a half-mile section of the Channel Causeway.[6] The two are sent on a mission to the United States in order to convince them to enter the war on England's behalf.[44]
  • 1942Emma Night meets her godfather Hugo Drummond for the first time.[45]
  • 1943 – Orlando, having joined the Royal Air Force, is shot down over France, but manages to escape back to London to find the League's Museum base deserted.[43] He takes the time on leave from the RAF to compose a brief memoir, which is published in the TRUMP not too long thereafter in nine chapters as "The Life of ORLANDO."[46] At this point both Dr. C.A. Rotwang and Vull the Invisible[36][37][38] are probably confirmed dead, their effects being kept in the Secret Annexe of the British Museum.[39]
  • 1944 – Orlando slips from view of British authorities, some say because he has been turned into an orange cat.[47][48]
  • 1945 – World War II ends; postwar elections lead to a victory for the Labour Party which, under the leadership of General Sir Harold Wharton a.k.a. Big Brother[49] a member of the Famous Five during his school days at Greyfriars, restructures itself as Ingsoc and installs a totalitarian government. Wilhelmina Murray and Allan Junior sever all ties with British Intelligence while in America, and disappear into obscurity.[44]
  • 1946Robert Kim Cherry, a member of the Famous Five during his school days at Greyfriars, now using the pseudonym of Harry Lime fakes his death in the sewers of Vienna, sometime afterward becoming the new M.[50][51] The Ministry of Love assembles the "surrogate League" under Capt. Joan Warralson. Their membership included Professor James Grey, new invisible man Dr. Peter Bradey, The Wolf of Kabul, and the Iron Warrior.[35]
  • 1947 – The Warralson Team fight a cabal of the Famous Five's most powerful adversaries, led by criminal mastermind and former agent of Fascist Italy, Count Zero, and the slaver/pirate James Soames.[52][53][54][55] The mission is an apparent failure and the Warralson Team is disbanded.[35]
  • 1948 – The INGSOC Party purges Limehouse.[56]


  • 1952 c. November – The Life of Orlando is intended to be republished as a facsimile in the August–October 1953 editions of TRUMP, but is suppressed beforehand.[57] General Sir Harold Wharton, known as "Big Brother", dies[58] on the 27th[citation needed] and is replaced as Party leader by Gerald O'Brien[citation needed].
  • 1953, July – An attempt by the British Experimental Rocket Group, under the leadership of Professor Bernard Quatermass, to re-establish the British Space Program ends in disaster when the three astronauts contract a devastating space fungus that stalks London and, eventually, is confronted at Westminster Abbey[citation needed].
  • c. 1955 – Wilhelmina Murray and Allan Quatermain are in San Francisco, and help Sal Paradyse and Dean Moriarty defeat Dr. Sachs and the Nova Mob.[59]
  • 1956, September 7 – The Black Dossier is completed.[60]
  • 1958, May[61]James Bond, under secret contract from the C.I.A., assassinates industrialist Sir John Night. As an alibi for Bond, the C.I.A. fabricates the events of Dr. No (this is a subtle joke on their part as there was "no doctor").[62]
  • 1958, c. November 21Mina Murray and Allan Quatermain steal the Black Dossier in hopes of discerning how much the new M knows about them.[63]
  • 1958, c. November 22Jimmy, Hugo Drummond, and Miss Night are assembled to capture Mina and Allan.[64]
  • 1958, c. November 23 – After hijacking and crashing an XL Rocket,[65] Murray and Quatermain escape to The Blazing World with the Golliwog.[66]


  • c. 1963 – Wilhelmina Murray, in the guise of the deceased[citation needed] Vull the Invisible[citation needed], attempts to gather super-heroes together to form a group called "The Seven Stars." The groups members include Satin and Captain Universe (Jim Logan).[citation needed]
  • 1964 – In Paris, Allan Quatermain and Orlando play out dominance and submission fantasies with the descendants of the Silling Castle survivors. For this period of time, the female Orlando is referred to only as O. by Allan and those involved. In the Blazing World, Prospero assembles a team to intervene in a war between tribes of lunar inhabitants, including Miss Wilhelmina Murray.[citation needed]
  • 1969 – Andrew Norton, having travelled from 1910, arrives in 1969 at King's Cross Station, London.[citation needed]

The Far Future[]

  • 802,701 – The Time Traveler, having just arrived from 1895, meets Weena of the Eloi and battles the Morlocks.
  • Post-802,701 – The Time Traveler, meeting with time displaced Allan Quatermain, John Carter and Howard Carter, fight the Eldritch horrors of Yuggoth.


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