The Great Dragon is a dragon in the television series, Merlin.[1] He is a dragon who was imprisoned beneath the castle in Camelot. The dragon is featured in BBC's [2] Merlin. In the TV show Merlin comes to the dragon to ask for advice and in return Merlin will grant the dragon with freedom. But that can only be done when Prince Arthur is king. Uther who is Arthur's father imprisoned the dragon as an example of what happens to creatures that are magic. Merlin the wizard must make sure that Arthur will become king or Camelot's destiny will never happen. The dragon says that Arthur will allow magic in Camelot and that is when all magical creatures can be free.

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gender male
species dragon
alias Kilgharrah
enemies Uthur Pendragon
portrayer John Hurt (voice)

The Dragon has been imprisoned for 20 years in the caves. When Merlin comes down to ask for advice the dragon often makes up riddles for Merlin to solve. When the dragon is clear on what Merlin must do Merlin sometimes ignores him. Once when the dragon told merlin not to save the kings life when Morgana was going to kill him, he went ahead and saved the king anyway.

One time when Arthur was dying Merlin asked the dragon how to stop him from dying. The dragon said that he had to go faraway to a place to find out how to transfer Arthurs death to himself, but instead his mother started dying. Then Merlin went back to the caves and yelled at the dragon for tricking him, he also said he would never let the dragon free. Enraged by this the dragon tried to kill Merlin. But he escaped. Later Merlin came back pleading for more advice and all was forgiven.

The dragon is a very wise and old dragon. He is precognitive (can see the future). He also has a strange sense of humour, he likes to laugh at inappropriate times. He also has many more psychic abilities.


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