The Flood Runner 2 (ラッタラッル?) is a Jump Survival Flash based freeware video game published in May 2008 on Armor Games. It is one of the most played game in the world, with an average of 660.000 plays/day.


A gigantic tidal wave destroys Chestersville, the city where the Jownies live. The only survivor, Arnold McBabba, starts a tragic escape from his death. He managed to escape on time before the tsunami arrival because of a foreseeing dream which nobody paid attention to. The only item he managed to save is his surf table.


The player personifies Arnold McBabba, the Flood Runner, which runs as fast as he can to avoid dying under the tidal wave. While running, the little Jownie gathers energy to use his wings, that are used to gain a vertical boost. Jumping from one platform to another, the goal of the game is to reach the highscore, that results on how much time Arnold resits and how many bonus gems he collects.

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