The End: A Futurist Looks at the Last Days
The End
Asteroid and Earth Image From NASA
Author Mark Hatch
Country United States
Language English
Genre Christian non fiction
Publisher Regal Books
Publication date
[30 January]], 2007
Media type Print Paperback
Pages 138 pp (paperback)
ISBN ISBN 0-8307-4284-0 (PB)

The End, A Futurest Looks at the Very Last Days is a book written by Mark Hatch that was published in 2007 by Regal in the US. In it Mark looks at the topic of the last days through both a secular scientific and Christian lens. He discusses numerous technologies and natural disasters that have created existential risks to humanity.

In the book he writes about the peril and promise of what is becoming know as the "GRINN" technologies (Genetics, Robotics, Information technology, Nuclear and Nanotechnology).

His sources include:

- Sir Martin Rees Our Final Hour

- Bill Joy

- Ray Kurzweil

- Dr. Nick Bostrom

and others.

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