The Bugman and Gaylord.
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Background Sideshow Performer turned jewel thief and a flea respectively.
Trademark Features Bugman: A short, roly-poly, fat man with big, bulgy lenses and a hat that resembles a bee hive. Gaylord: Bugman's most prized bug.
Extra Specialty Has an army of trained fleas he controls with an accordion-style device.
Significant Episode Appearances The Case of The Baffling Bugman, The Case of The Lesser of Two Weevils

The Bugman and Gaylord are two of the supporting characters of C.O.P.S. (Central Organization of Police Specialists) animated series from Hasbro which ran from 1988-1989.

Character Profiles[]

The Bugman is a sideshow performer who once operated a flea circus at his old run-down home located in a bad part of town. But he became dissatisfied with it probably due to too little profits earned from his performances. Either that or his flea circus turned out to be a major flop. Whatever the case, he winds up turning himself into a life of crime as a result and begin to train his bugs to steal jewels using a remote control device that resembles an accordion he uses to control his swarm with. He flies around in his bug-style copter. Has large bulgy lenses and a hat that resembles a bee hive with a top that opens up to reveal his trained swarm of bugs.

Gaylord is his favorite bug, a small flea, who is among a large army of bugs, the bugman trains to steal jewels for him.

Character Highlights[]

The Case of the Baffling Bugman[]

The Bugman's swarm was here robbing a large safe from a jewelry store just before Nightshade came along to do the heist. Nightshade reported this to Big Boss about what happened. Suddenly, the Bugman arrived at the penthouse with his trained army of bugs to convinced Big Boss to join his crooked team. Big Boss considers his offer and is pleased later on when the Bugman brought a bag of jewels and gives it to him to keep for his own. The Bugman gets paid, but was not satisfied with the payment. He throws it back to the Big Boss and takes off in his bug-style copter steaming mad. Big Boss fumes over the Bugman's reaction and orders Buttons McBoomBoom to pay him a visit at his place and steal the bugs and the devise that controls them from him.

Meanwhile, Gaylord, the Bugman's prized bug, was left behind during the last heist and was picked up by Bowser and Blitz and Mainframe, who created a radio transmitter in shape of a diamond and had Gaylord carry the diamond all the way to the old run-down house where Buttons McBoomBoom was here. He tied up the Bugman and ran off with the swarm and the device that controls them, leaving the Bugman at the mercy of the wrecking ball destroying the old buildings to make room for newer buildings in the area. The C.O.P.S. and Gaylord came to the rescue and were able to free the Bugman, who told them about what had happened. He claims he never wanted to be a criminal in the first place and agrees to show them where the crooks are hiding out at so they can rescued the bugs and nabbed the crooks along the way.

In the meantime, Buttons and Nightshade used the bugs to perform a heist at another jewelry store with everything going as planned as the bugs went out and stole many different types of jewelry such as necklaces, earrings, even a jeweled dog collar and bring them back to the two crooks and drop them in a bag Buttons was holding open for them to drop the jewels in. Later, arriving at the hideout, Bowser, Mainframe, and Blitz radio the C.O.P.S. for back-up and the team springs into action with Mace yelling, "It's Crime Fighting Time!!!". The C.O.P.S. Bugman and Gaylord then follow Nightshade and Buttons who were just returning to their hideout from a previous heist. There they tried to quietly sneak up on them but the Bugman's noisy, nervous babbling alerted the crooks to spring the trap and caged Mainframe, Bowser, and the Bugman. Buttons even trapped Blitz underneath a large power magnet as well. As the two crooks planned their next heist, Gaylord flew out of the cage and opened the safe the bugs were trapped in to release his buzzing companions who then gave the two crooks a hard time and freed Blitz from the magnet. Blitz is on top of Buttons as the rest of the C.O.P.S. team stormed in to arrest Nightshade and Buttons for jewel theft. The Bugman tried to escape to with the loot, but was caught and placed under arrest by Bowser. In prison, The Bugman entertains the prison guards, who are unaware of Gaylord crawling up the leg of one of the guards to get the key from the belt to open up the prison cell and release his owner.

Note just after when Bulletproof is closing his file and the case, you can hear an unseen Gaylord saying to Bulletproof and the viewers, "Maybe, then again maybe not."

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