The Bedroom Girl, The Sculpture Room Girl is a manga by Asumiko Nakamura, and is arguably one of her most famous pieces in the Western world. First published in the Japanese magzine Gothic & Lolita Bible, it is predominantly coloured green, following the one-colour theme of her other short pieces for the magazine.


The father of a young girl, who is on her deathbed, hires a dollmaker to create a perfect replica of his daughter. During the creation process, the soul of the girl appears to enter the unfinished doll, and tells the dollmaker exactly how she wants her doll to look. She tells him of her dreams and what she wants to do once the doll is created, hinting that she expects her soul to leave her original body and take residence in the replica. However, when the girl dies, the doll no longer talks. The dollmaker takes the replica with him to the various places the ill girl wished to visit, to carry out her dreams when she had been alive.

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