Publication information
Publisher Disney
First appearance Gargoyles 2x16 Double Jeopardy
Created by Greg Weisman
In-story information
Alter ego Thailog
Species Gargoyle
Team affiliations Leader of the The Clones, Nightstone Unlimited
Notable aliases Alexander Thailog
Abilities Same physical powers as Goliath, Xanatos's business sense and planning

Thailog is a character from the Disney superhero animated series Gargoyles. He is a villain and the antithesis to the show's hero and protagonist, Goliath. The character was voiced by Keith David, who also voiced the former.

Character Description[]

Thailog is a direct clone of Goliath created by Dr. Anton Sevarius under the employ of David Xanatos, who wanted his own gargoyles to control and do his bidding after he failed to control the Manhattan Clan. In order to prevent another mutiny, Xanatos had the clone brainwashed to share in Xanatos's unique personal view – "Project Thailog". While being matured to the same age as Goliath, he was programmed with specially prepared material, including late 20th century and capitalistic ideals, and as a result he acquired Xanatos's penchant for elaborate Machiavellian schemes. The whole process made Thailog drastically different from Goliath, to the point where they appear to be complete opposites.

The opposing natures of Goliath and Thailog is signaled in several ways. Firstly, an examination of their names reveals that Thailog is an anagram, and phonetic reversal, of "Goliath" (on the Season 2, Volume 1 DVD box set, Greg Weisman revealed that the character was largely inspired by hearing a recording of Goliath's name played backwards). Secondly, their colors are photo-negatives, with Thailog having dark skin and white hair, and when angry his eyes glow red instead of the usual white (red eyes are typically associated with female gargoyles, white with male). In terms of their character, Goliath is portrayed as noble and loyal, though quick to anger, whereas Thailog is cruel, greedy, ambitious, dishonorable, and remains constantly calm under pressure, though he does jokingly compare Goliath's hot temper to his own in the episode "Double Jeopardy" when Thailog says "Now I know where I got the temper" after hearing one of Goliath's furious roars.

At first Goliath was outraged by the conception of Thailog (that a clone was made of him), but then accepted him as a "son" after convincing from Elisa Maza. Goliath even offered Thailog to become part of the Manhattan Clan, but it turned out that Thailog was manipulating them. He rejected the Gargoyle concept of protecting as he found it to be ridiculous, pointless, and most importantly--"unprofitable." He shares Xanatos' ideals more than any. This makes him something of a standout amongst the world's Gargoyles with the exception of Demona who rejects it as it conflicts with her personal goals.

Character History[]

Apparently Xanatos's plan backfired as Thailog was far too intelligent and self-aware to be obedient to Xanatos and had no desire to work with him. Thailog then hatched an elaborate, and ironically Xanatos-esque plan to get back at him by tricking him into believing he was kidnapped. Playing off the predictable nature of Xanatos and his other "father" Savarius's personalities, the plan worked perfectly, as Thailog confronted them and attempted to murder them and escape with the $20 million in ransom money that Xanatos was prepared to pay out for his safe recovery. He told Goliath that he originally intended to escape with him and the money, but after meeting him decided to kill him too. While he failed in eliminating his "fathers", he was successful in getting away with the ransom money to start his own criminal empire which had apparently been his plan all along.

Thailog was seen again in Paris, France, partnered up with Demona in a scheme to scam Macbeth out of his fortune using Demona's human alias, Dominique Destine. However, Thailog in another Xanatos-type scheme, was going to betray Demona and take both her and Macbeth's fortune. Goliath thwarted this plot, and Thailog returned to Demona. Thailog's next plan with Demona involved creating their own clones of the Manhattan Clan (named after major areas in Los Angeles--a parallel to the Manhattan clan, which are named after major New York areas). Thailog attempted to betray Demona yet again by him creating a special female Gargoyle, Delilah, using the DNA of Demona and Elisa Maza that would be totally obedient to him. Thailog and his clones were defeated while Thailog was presumed to have been killed during the battle.

Thailog survived the battle, however, and returned in both the Slave Labor Graphics comic book and the Goliath Chronicles Continuities.

The Goliath Chronicles[]

In the season 3 episode of Genesis Undone, Thailog, just like his other clones, were dying of a genetic defect present in their systems. He, like the Manhattan Clan and the clones, went to Dr. Sevarius for a cure, though he intended to steal the cure for himself. However, they were all tricked by Dr. Sevarius who wanted to use all the Gargoyles as fodder for his own Gargoyle creations and had no intention on keeping them alive whatsoever. Thailog gave his vial of the false cure to Goliath to defeat "Little Anton", giving him somewhat of a redemption. So that in Thailog's last moments, Thailog goes out in a heroic moment. Right before his death, Thailog had finally looked to Goliath as a father, and it could be inferred that his battles with Goliath are akin to adolescent struggle with his father. His last words were "Oh, how I did enjoy causing you grief." Both father and son shed tears as the latter dies, and Goliath goes into a rage. Thailog and the clones deteriorated until they all fell into permanent stone sleep. He and his clones were perched on top of a New York skyscraper and will be kept there until a cure is found for their condition.

Comic Book[]

In the third issue of the Slave Labor Graphics comic book -which does not include the events of the Goliath Chronicles- Thailog returned, taking the cloned Gargoyles back under his wing briefly, with the exception of Delilah, who had gone to a Halloween Party with Goliath at Elisa's urging. Going to Xanatos's skyscraper to recover the last of his missing clan, he instead engaged in a brief struggle with the original gargoyles, wounding each of them and Elisa. This was a brief struggle, however, as Delilah appeared, asserted her free will and a desire to follow her own path neither with Goliath nor his clone, and returned to the Labyrinth with most of the clones in tow. Brentwood - Lexington's clone - opted to exercise his free will to follow Thailog, and left with him.

It was then revealed that Thailog's goal had been neither the recovery of the clones, nor any harm to the original gargoyles; giving Goliath a wound that required medical attention for him to survive to sunrise, and Brentwood's defection were merely unexpected perks. Instead, he had been collecting DNA with each wound dealt, for an as-of-yet undisclosed project with Dr. Sevarius. He later revealed himself as a member of the Illuminati, like Detective Bluestone, John Castaway and Xanatos and sharing their 36th-level rank.

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