{{Wikia | wikiname | wikititle | articlename | articletitle}}

All parameters are optional.

Usage examples
# inputs Markup Output
0 inputs {{Wikia}} Wikia/doc, an external wiki
1 input {{Wikia | halo}} Halo Nation
2 inputs {{Wikia | halo | DeprecatedWikiTitle}} Halo Nation
3 inputs {{Wikia | halo | DeprecatedWikiTitle | John-117}} John-117 on Halo Nation
4 inputs {{Wikia | halo | DeprecatedWikiTitle | John-117 | Master Chief}} Master Chief on Halo Nation
wiki not in Wikia/list
{{Wikia | FakeWikiName | DeprecatedWikiTitle | ArticleName | ArticleTitle}}
Note how the 2nd input (DeprecatedWikiTitle) was ONLY used because the 1st input, the wiki (FakeWikiName), was not found in Template:Wikia/list. If this ever happens to your wiki link, please add to the list.

See also

  • {{Wikia content}} attribution template for text imported into Wikipedia from Wikia

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