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This is a user link template for use internally on Wikipedia.


The username can be defined via a named or an unnamed parameter, i.e.

  • {{User3|User=USERNAME}} or
  • {{User3|USERNAME}}


In cases of usernames which contain = sign, the former syntax should be used, e.g.


  • User is a required parameter, e.g. |User=Jimbo Wales.
  • Project defines a Wikimedia sister project to be used instead of the English Wikipedia, the correct code for the interwiki link should be used, e.g. |Project=b.
  • Lang is the interlanguage code for a project to be used instead of the English Wikipedia, e.g. |Lang=es. This can be used in conjunction with the project parameter.
  • small causes a smaller text to be used, e.g. |small=yes.

Other user signatures

In addition to this one, other user signatures include:

Template Example
{{User}} Example (talk⧼dot-separator⧽contribs)
{{User0}} Template:User0
{{User2}} Template:User2
{{User3}} [[::User:Example|Example]] (Template:User-multi/t⧼dot-separator⧽Template:User-multi/c⧼dot-separator⧽Template:User-multi/l⧼dot-separator⧽Template:User-multi/⧼dot-separator⧽Template:User-multi/⧼dot-separator⧽Template:User-multi/⧼dot-separator⧽Template:User-multi/⧼dot-separator⧽Template:User-multi/⧼dot-separator⧽Template:User-multi/⧼dot-separator⧽Template:User-multi/)
{{User4}} Template:User4
{{User5}} Template:User5
{{User6}} Template:User6
{{User7}} Template:User7
{{User8}} Template:User8
{{User9}} Template:User9
{{User10}} Template:User10
{{User11}} Template:User11
{{User12}} Template:User12
{{User13}} Template:User13
{{user-c}} Template:User-c
{{Userlinks-abbr}} Template:Userlinks-abbr
{{useredits}} Template:Useredits
{{userblock}} Template:Userblock
{{userBk}} Template:UserBk
{{usercheck}} Template:Usercheck
{{userlinks}} Example (talk · contribs · logs · block user · block log)
{{Admin}} Template:Admin
{{Admin-abbr}} Template:Admin-abbr
{{Bureaucrat}} Template:Bureaucrat
{{unsigned}} —The preceding unsigned comment was added by Example (talkcontribs).
{{unsigned2}} Template:Unsigned2
{{unsigned3}} Template:Unsigned3
{{undated}} Template:Undated
{{unsignedIP}} —The preceding unsigned comment was added by (talk)
{{unsignedIP2}} Template:UnsignedIP2
{{Signed}} Template:Signed
{{quotedfrom}} — Preceding text originally posted here by Ben (talkcontribs) 00:14, 9 March 2007 (UTC)
{{warningorigin}} Template:Warningorigin
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