Query the FCC's TV station database for {{{1}}}

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Generates a web-link for the Federal Communications Commission's TV Query database for the applicable United States television station. In case the TV Query results (which are based on the old CDBS public database, last updated July 27, 2016) return no records for the given station (or if the results contain outdated data, like an RF channel no longer used by a recently-displaced station or an outdated APP/CP/LIC status), then consider using instead the {{FCC-LMS-Facility}} template which calls the newer Licensing and Management System (LMS) Facility Details database.


{{TVQ|1=callsign|2=URL text}}


  • 1 - the station callsign, required
  • 2 - the URL text, optional

Historical note: Prior to the URL text parameter being added, the URL text Query the FCC's TV station database for {{{1}}}} was hard-coded into this template. When the URL text parameter was added, the previous text was left as the default.


Code Result
{{TVQ|WNBC}} Query the FCC's TV station database for WNBC

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